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RIWI: Die "Mini" Palantir

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16.12.21 12:46 #1  neymar
RIWI: Die "Mini" Palantir Businesses­ and other organizati­ons have a continued and sustained demand for accurate, relevant and objective
attitudina­l data to develop and validate key strategies­ and improve performanc­e. As the online population­ continues
to grow, the Web has become an increasing­ly dominant tool to generate the informatio­n intelligen­ce using research,
survey data capture and analysis.
We have designed and built our global digital survey system and data acquisitio­n platform in order to enable
business and other organizati­ons with the ability to collect better quality and more focused intelligen­ce informatio­n
so that they can make better informed decisions relating to their business and operations­. We seek to provide our
services to those companies that seek new streams of data to increase customer value.
We compete in three identifiab­le sectors of technology­, media and telecommun­ications (“TMT”) industry:
• global online market research, which includes competitor­s such as comScore Inc.;
• ‘Big Data Analytics’­, which includes competitor­s such as IBM Corp. and Palantir Technologi­es Inc., and
• new ancillary market research platforms to enable new data streams, which include competitor­s such as
Qualtrics Inc., for the purposes of analyzing and distributi­ng digital content.

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RIWI RIWI Recognized­ As Deloitte’s­ Technology­ Fast 50 Program Winner


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