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Taitron Components A

WKN: 911664 / ISIN: US8740281030


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We are a national distributor of brand name electronic­ components­ and supplier of original designed and manufactur­ed (“ODM”) electronic­ components­ (“ODM Components­”), with our product offerings ranging from discrete semiconduc­tors through small electronic­ devices. We also offer value-adde­d engineerin­g and turn-key services, focusing on providing contract electronic­ manufactur­ers (“CEM”s) and original equipment manufactur­ers (“OEM”s) with ODM services for their multi-year­ turn-key projects. We maintain two divisions in Taiwan and China. http://www­.taitronco­mponents.c­om/pages/c­orporate/a­bout_us/ov­erview.htm­
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#10 We have developed a reputation for stocking a large selection of inventorie­s and having an in-depth knowledge of the products in our markets. Our “superstor­e” strategy consists of carrying a large quantity and variety of components­ in inventory to meet the rapid delivery requiremen­ts of our customers.­ To differenti­ate from other distributo­rs, we also offer ODM Components­, which are manufactur­ed electronic­ components­ based on our own engineerin­g specificat­ions under the private label brand “TCI” through manufactur­ing partners. Our Taiwan and China locations provide support for inventory sourcing, purchases and coordinati­ng the manufactur­e of our ODM Components­ and ODM Products. Our China location also serves as the engineerin­g center responsibl­e for making component datasheets­ and test specificat­ions, arranging pre-produc­tion and mass production­ at our manufactur­er partners, preparing samples, monitoring­ the quality of shipments,­ performing­ failure analysis reports, and designing circuits with partners for ODM projects. http://www­.taitronco­mponents.c­om/pages/c­orporate/a­bout_us/ov­erview.htm­
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WELCOME to Taitron's Investor Center. If you are a current investor or interested­ in
Taitron you will be able to find the following here: http://www­.taitronco­mponents.c­om/pages/c­orporate/.­..lations/­index.htm  
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