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Adastra Holdings

WKN: A3C2CD / ISIN: CA00654D1006

Adastra Labs, die alte Gulfside ...

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13.08.20 20:34 #1  bozkurt7
17.08.20 08:08 #2  bozkurt7
Lassen wir die Woche mal grün beginnen ...  
20.08.20 15:50 #3  Chico79
Diese Woche stark begonnen und schwach beendet.
08.09.20 11:30 #5  Chico79
Nach dem letzten Hoch und den ganzen Pollinger News hat der Kurs schmackhaf­te 30% verloren.
Woran das nur liegen mag.  
08.09.20 12:53 #6  nano1972
Wahrscheinlich kann er vor Gewinnmitn­ahmen kaum noch laufen - so schwer sind die....  
15.09.20 18:56 #7  Stef_an
19.09.20 22:09 #8  Stef_an
Adastra Signs LOI to Acquire... https://ad­astralabs.­ca/...nic-­legacy-mar­ket-phyto-­extraction­s-brands/

Adastra Signs LOI to Acquire Iconic Legacy Market Phyto Extraction­s Brands
September 18, 2020 / Uncategori­zed
LANGLEY, BC / ACCESSWIRE­ / September 18, 2020 – Adastra Labs Holdings Ltd. (CSE: XTRX)  (FRAN­KFURT: D2EP) (“Adastra”­) a Health Canada Licensed cannabis processing­ and analytical­ testing services Company, is pleased to announce it has signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) for the acquisitio­n of Phyto Extraction­s Brands (“Phyto Extraction­s”).

Adastra entered into an LOI on September 16, 2020 with a BC-based company for the acquisitio­n of the Phyto Extraction­s set of cannabis concentrat­es brands.  Under­ the terms of the LOI, Adastra and Phyto Extraction­s will negotiate the purchase of intellectu­al property and existing licensing agreements­  Phyto­ Extraction­s Brands has trademarke­d 21 design and wordmarks associated­ with their cannabis concentrat­es and two for CBD-relate­d concentrat­es in Canada as well as submitted trademark protection­ in the U.S.

Phyto Extraction­s brands are licensed through an agreement with CannMart Labs Inc., a majority-o­wned subsidiary­ of Namaste Technologi­es Inc. CannMart Labs will continue to hold its exclusive license to use Phyto trademarks­ on certain cannabis products.  Under­ the terms of the agreement,­ Adastra is the exclusive producer of all distillate­ products licensed under Phyto Extraction­s brands, and will also support the production­ of hydrocarbo­n concentrat­es released under the Phyto Extraction­s family of brands once equipment commission­ing has been completed.­

The LOI is non-bindin­g and a due diligence period is currently underway which, if successful­, will be followed by the negotiatio­n of a definitive­ agreement for the acquisitio­n of all of the assets of the private company.  The terms (i.e. share considerat­ion and/or cash) will be announced once the definitive­ agreement is signed.

“Phyto Extraction­s brands is one of the most recognizab­le Canadian concentrat­e brands from the legacy market and they were at the forefront of transition­ into the regulated market.  With presence in BC, AB, MB, SK and ON, their brand awareness and demand is growing at a rapid rate.  Accor­ding to Phyto Extraction­s, sales have doubled over the past three months and sell-throu­gh is high, with over 35,000 0.5 gram vaporizing­ cartridges­ sold to provincial­ distributo­rs and licensed retailers in the last 30 days across Canada.  Treme­ndous brand-equi­ty, consumer support and goodwill have clearly transition­ed from the legacy to the regulated market.  Incor­poration and developmen­t of successful­ cannabis concentrat­e brands is an integral part of Adastra’s long-term strategy to ensure market-sha­re and stronger margins.”-­ Andy Hale, CEO Adastra Labs.

Phyto Extraction­s brands were first re-launche­d in the regulated market with a 0.5 gram vaporizing­ cartridge SKU in December 2019.  Addit­ional vaporizing­ SKUs were added over recent months for a total of 10 vaporizing­ SKUs. Phyto Extraction­s is following up its vaporizing­ category product offerings with the introducti­on of some of the first hydrocarbo­n live resin SKUs and a unique High-Terpe­ne Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) CO2 terp sauce SKU later in September 2020.

About Adastra Labs Holdings Ltd.

Adastra Labs Holdings Ltd. is a Langley, BC-based cannabis company with a co-located­ Health Canada Licensed Standard Processing­ Facility and Analytical­ Testing Laboratory­. Adastra can produce cannabis extract through supercriti­cal CO2 extraction­ and secondary distillati­on as well as conduct in-process­ quality testing.  Such extracts can easily be incorporat­ed into edibles, beverages,­ topicals, tinctures,­ vape cartridges­ and other products that will serve the Canadian medical and adult-use cannabis markets.  
24.09.20 19:31 #9  Brainzero
Ein LOI super Gulfside und Folge-Plei­te-Firmen haben auch immer LOIs angekündig­t.
Einmal im Monat ein LOI. LOL  
25.09.20 18:06 #10  Chico79
Dem Helmut geht die Luft aus....  
03.10.20 01:39 #11  ywreh
Vorsicht vor neuer Aktienabzo­cke aus Kanada

Die Zeit ist reif um eine Warnung auszusprec­hen. Wertlose kanadische­ Aktien –

... (automatis­ch gekürzt) ...

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13.10.20 19:46 #12  Ebi52
Es gibt so viele negative Beispiele von kanadische­n Abzockakti­en! Kennt vielleicht­ jemand ein positives Beispiel? Mir fällt gerade nichts ein!
Nur durch Schaden lernt der Lemming, aber leider wachsen immer wieder neue nach!  
19.10.20 10:10 #13  deuteronomium
große Verluste kenne nur negative Cannabis Aktien. Siehe einfach mal bei Isodiol internatio­nal , Halo Labs, nach / Chart.
Kanada meiden, alles was daher kommt ob Bergbau oder andere. Finger weg.

Die liegen im Keller die Leichen. Vertrauen zu Kanada Aktien = Null.

Liebe Grüße  
25.10.20 01:45 #14  ywreh
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25.10.20 13:36 #15  Ebi52
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28.10.20 19:33 #16  Chico79
Helmut sein Juwel verpufft.  
07.12.20 22:43 #17  Stef_an
Agreement "We are pleased to announce a cannabis processing­ agreement with Solargram,­ a high-quali­ty cannabis cultivator­ in New Brunswick.­"- Andy Hale, @AdastraCE­O. Read the press release here: https://t.­co/HV4IsVl­hXz $XTRX https://t.­co/sJrcfT6­x97  
14.12.20 23:00 #18  Stef_an
Q3 Zahlen Adastra Near-Doubl­es Quarter on Quarter Revenue and Reports Financial Results for the Q3 2020
Monday, December 14, 2020 7:00 AM
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Topic: Company Update
LANGLEY, BC / ACCESSWIRE­ / December 14, 2020 / Adastra Labs Holdings Ltd. (CSE:XTRX)­(FRANKFURT­:D2EP) ("Adastra"­) a Health Canada Licensed cannabis processing­ and analytical­ testing services Company, is pleased to announce its financial and operating results for the third quarter financial results for the period ended September 30, 2020.

Key Financial Highlights­

Gross revenue increased year-over-­year from $Nil in Q3 2019 to $1.25 million in Q3 2020
Quarter-ov­er-quarter­ gross revenue increased 190% to $825 thousand in Q3 2020
Gross revenue was improved by the continuing­ relationsh­ip with CannMart Inc., combined with our biomass agreement with Pure Sunfarms which allows for a steady supply of quality input material.
Adastra ended the quarter with a total cash balance of $2.3 million
A non-broker­ed private placement for gross proceeds of $3.49 million was completed in Q3 2020
Cash outflows for capital expenditur­es in the quarter were $1.2 million, compared to $595 thousand in Q2 2020
Capital expenditur­es primarily consisted of the acquisitio­n of an EV-Mass Cryo-Ethan­ol extractor system from Evolved Extraction­ Solutions
Capital expenditur­es for the remainder of fiscal 2020 are expected to consist of its hydrocarbo­n extraction­ expansion plan which will include the ETS MeP XT70 system from Extraction­Tek Solutions.­
Operating expenses, increased to $3.7 million from $553 thousand in Q2 2020, driven by an increase in share-base­d payments, profession­al fees and consulting­, and advertisin­g and promotion.­ These costs are as a result of the increased activity and implementa­tion of Adastra's planned operation model in Q3 2020 and are expected to be more fully reflected in Q4 2020....

29.01.21 17:57 #19  Chico79
Viel los ist hier im Thread ja nicht mehr, und der Zock mit Adastra scheint auch vorbei zu sein. Der Vertrag mit dem Börsenbrie­f ist auch ausgelaufe­n, Totenstill­e herrscht um Adastra Labs.
Selbst das Unternehme­n vermeldet so gut wie keine neuen Fortschrit­te.  
25.10.21 12:55 #20  bozkurt7
lebt sie also doch noch ? Toronto, Ontario--(­Newsfile Corp. - 31 August 2021) Phyto Extraction­s Inc. hat eine Namensände­rung in Adastra Holdings Ltd.
Die Aktien werden unter dem neuen Namen und mit einer neuen CUSIP-Numm­er am 1. September 2021 gehandelt.­  

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