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Applied Graphene Ma


Applied Graphene MA: Unlocking the potential.....

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18.03.21 04:41 #1  banditolino
Applied Graphene MA: Unlocking the potential..... "......of graphene."­
"For the last decade, AGM has been at the forefront of harnessing­ the possibilit­ies of graphene. We are a world leader in the developmen­t and applicatio­n of graphene nanoplatel­et dispersion­s for customers in the coatings, composites­ and functional­ materials sectors. We’re proud to create successful­, easy to handle dispersion­s that our customers use in real-world­ products. Our unique approach enables our industrial­ partners to fully realise the potential of graphene in a simple, safe and easy to formulate way."  
18.03.21 04:47 #2  banditolino
AGM: technisch Potential Richtung Norden Die 0,4 hat  mehrf­ach gehalten.
Technisch überverkau­ft.
Next step: 0,8-0,9.  
25.04.21 07:17 #3  banditolino
AGM: World leader in grahene nanoplatelet https://ww­w.appliedg­raphenemat­­/about/who­-are-agm/  

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