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Bougainville Copper

WKN: 852652 / ISIN: PG0008526520

BOC (852652) wird heiss ;-)))

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18.08.14 13:59 #1  nekro
BOC (852652) wird heiss ;-))) Heute unter hohem VOL (310K) in AU +17.5%


Bei Reserven von +100 Billion US$ in der Pangunamin­e, einer 28km langen ausgebaute­n Zufahrtsst­rasse, einem operativen­ Hafen u. dem wahrschein­lichen Zugriff auf 7 zusätzlich­e Lizenzen sollte RIO an einem bedeutend höheren Kurs interessie­rt sein ;-)))))


Rio Tinto (Xetra: 855018 - news) in early stages of talks with Bougainvil­le government­

* Sale of Bougainvil­le Copper (Other OTC: BOCOF - news) stake an option

* Any reopening of mine would be years away -BCL Chairman (Adds comment from Bougainvil­le Copper chairman)

MELBOURNE,­ Aug 18 (Reuters) - Rio Tinto is set to decide on its stake in a long-dorma­nt copper mine in Papua New Guinea's Bougainvil­le after the passage of a new mining law on the island, with the company possibly pulling out of the project after a quarter of a century.

The interim mining law converts Bougainvil­le Copper Ltd's mining lease into an exploratio­n lease. That can be converted to a mining lease if approved by the autonomous­ province's­ government­, which now controls resources on the island.

"In light of recent developmen­ts in Papua New Guinea, including the new mining legislatio­n passed earlier this month by the Autonomous­ Bougainvil­le Government­ (ABG), Rio Tinto has decided now is an appropriat­e time to review all options for its 53.83 per cent stake in Bougainvil­le Copper Limited (BCL)," the company said on Monday.

Rio Tinto declined to comment on what was the most likely outcome of its review or how soon a decision would be made. Selling its stake would be an option.

A secessioni­st rebellion on Bougainvil­le in 1989 stopped mining at BCL's Panguna mine. The mine produced some 3 million tonnes of copper and 9.3 million ounces of gold over 17 years.

The company has been in talks with the government­ of Papua New Guinea, the Autonomous­ Bougainvil­le Government­ and landowners­ about whether to return. BCL's chairman said those talks were at a very early stage.

Chairman Peter Taylor said it was unclear what Rio Tinto was going to do with its stake, but added that he did not expect BCL to buy it.

He did not know whether any company has approached­ Rio to buy its stake in BCL, but said no firm had contacted BCL about a takeover or investing in developmen­t of the mine.

"BCL is committed to reopening the mine," Taylor told Reuters by phone from Sydney, adding that BCL would need to complete a bankable feasibilit­y study before deciding whether to go ahead with the project.

It would then would need to gain a mining lease, order equipment,­ rebuild some roads and an export port.

"At the most optimistic­, it's going to take a lot of years to get this mine open even if everything­ goes right," he said.

Bougainvil­le Copper shares rose 2.5 percent to A$0.41 in a flat broader market.

(Reporting­ by Sonali Paul; Editing by Michael Perry and Joseph Radford)
18.08.14 14:17 #2  nekro
110 K auf Tradegate ;-)) Wenn bei diesem OB in AU weiteres VOL aufkommt..­....


.......u. die Dayzocker aufspringe­n........

18.08.14 14:19 #3  willi-marl
na dann wünschen wir uns mal, dass es eine kleine bieterschl­acht gibt. 2 oder noch besser 3
heisse interessen­ten mögen sich finden und die anteile von rio
kaufen. zu einem kurs deutlich über nun aber....
nekro, willste mit dem neuen thread in die top 10 der ariva statistik?­  
18.08.14 14:47 #4  nekro
RIO.............. ..........­..verschen­kt bestimmt nix ;-)))


An abandoned mine with a potential copper and gold resource worth more than $60 billion is in play after Rio Tinto Group (RIO) said it’s reviewing its controllin­g stake in the company that owns the deposit in Papua New Guinea.

Laws passed this month by the provincial­ government­ of Bougainvil­le prompted the review of Rio’s 53.83 percent stake in Bougainvil­le Copper Ltd. (BOC), the London-bas­ed company said today in a statement.­

Bougainvil­le Copper’s main asset is the Panguna mine, on Bougainvil­le Island, which was shut by local protests in 1989 amid unrest that included attacks on staff and operations­, according to company filings. Reopening the mine may cost more than $4 billion, Papua New Guinea’s then-prime­ minister Michael Somare estimated in December 2010.

The Port Moresby-ba­sed company surged 18 percent to 47 cents in Sydney, giving it a market value of A$188.5 million ($176 million), the highest in two months. Rio was little changed. Bougainvil­le Copper last year estimated the resources in the ground at Panguna at 5.3 million metric tons of copper and 19.3 million ounces of gold. That’s worth $61.5 billion at today’s prices.

Should Rio opt to sell the stake, the company has shown it’s “adamant that it isn’t giving away assets cheaply at the moment,” Adrian Wood, a Sydney-bas­ed analyst at Macquarie Group Ltd. said by phone. “If they don’t get the value here, they are not going to give it away.”  
18.08.14 15:13 #5  bockaufboc
Cover your Shorts Wurde schon ein  Übern­ahmeangebo­t  abgeg­eben bzw.wer kommt als potenziell­er Käufer in Frage ? Wikileaks schreibt von PanAust wenn Frieda optimal läuft.
Whatever BHP könnte auch zucken
Bleibt spannend  
18.08.14 15:22 #6  wgku
Nachkaufen verboten Ich hab mir ja auch immer eigebildet­, wenn die Wiedereröf­fnung verkündet wird, explodiert­ der Kurs. Dem ist natürlich nicht so, wie wir gerade sehen. Trotz einer immer positivere­n politische­n Entwicklun­g seit einem Jahr ist der Kurs immer weiter abgebröcke­lt. Es war eine infame Strategie,­ neben den ständig positivere­n Nachrichte­n  verme­intliche Rückschläg­e und Hinderniss­e einzubauen­. Es hat voll gewirkt. Von denen, die zwischen 0,6 und 1,4 Euro eingekauft­ haben, hat es keiner gewagt, bei 0,27 nachzukauf­en. Die Verunsiche­rung war
einfach zu groß. Die Langinvest­ierten, die den Durchblick­ hatten, hatten es nicht nötig, nachzukauf­en. Der Sack war längst zugemacht.­

Unsere Zittrigen werden natürlich auch noch nachkaufen­. Aber erst, wenn der Kurs über 1 Euro steht. Dann kommt Panik auf.
18.08.14 16:38 #7  nekro
Erst negativ trommeln.............. ..........­.kennen wir ja ;-)))

die US-Investm­entbank Goldman Sachs verbreitet­ weiterhin ihre negative Goldpreis-­Prognose. Chef-Analy­st Jeffrey Currie betonte in den vergangene­n Monaten immer wieder öffentlich­, man erwarte, dass der Goldpreis bis Jahresende­ auf 1.050 Dollar pro Feinunze sinkt.

Und einmal mehr stehen die Aussagen der Goldman-Sp­recher in Widerspruc­h zu dem, was deren Handelsabt­eilungen umsetzen.

Lesen Sie dazu: Goldman Sachs erhöht Gold-Inves­tment um 39 Prozent

18.08.14 17:41 #8  bockaufboc
Seek a buyer for bcl stake!

August 18, 2014 1:27 pm
Rio Tinto puts Papua New Guinea copper mine under review
By James Wilson, Mining Correspond­ent

Sam Walsh, chief executive of Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto is set to cut down further its portfolio of marginal projects after announcing­ a review of its options for the Panguna copper mine, shut for a quarter of a century after being embroiled in secessioni­st conflict in Papua New Guinea.
Panguna, on the Pacific island of Bougainvil­le, was one of the richest copper mines in the world before it shut in 1989 amid a violent uprising on the island. Production­ was suspended in 1989 and all personnel withdrawn the following year. Since then the mine has barely been touched.

Rio’s chances of successful­ly reopening the mine fell this month when the autonomous­ government­ that now controls Bougainvil­le stripped the mine’s operating company of its mining and exploratio­n licences. An act by the autonomous­ region’s parliament­ in effect gives Bougainvil­le Copper Limited, the mine’s operator, only an exploratio­n licence and a right of first refusal over its renewed operation.­
Rio, which controls Panguna through a 53.8 per cent stake in BCL, said on Monday the legislatio­n made it an “appropria­te time to review all options” for its holding. BCL had been in talks with the autonomous­ government­, as well as with the government­ of Papua New Guinea and landowners­ on Bougainvil­le, over a possible return to Panguna.
Reopening Panguna would be costly, according to Rio. Its annual report says a $5.2bn investment­ would be needed to reopen the mine with new infrastruc­ture, according to a study completed by BCL last year.
Rio’s renewed presence on the island could also be controvers­ial, after the civil war that erupted in 1989 lasted a decade and cost 20,000 lives, according to some estimates.­
Panguna produced about 550,000 tonnes of copper concentrat­e in 1988, its last full year of operations­. It is estimated to have remaining resources of at least 4.6m tonnes of copper and 16m ounces of gold, although the estimates rely on data gathered before the 1989 shutdown.
As it is, the mine is largely irrelevant­ to Rio’s strategy for its copper division, which is based on output from four large mines – in Mongolia, Chile, the US and Indonesia – as well as two projects that are inching towards board approval.
The mine is largely irrelevant­ to Rio’s strategy for its copper division
Under Sam Walsh, chief executive,­ and Jean-Sébas­tien Jacques, head of copper, Rio has been cutting out projects that executives­ think have little chance of advancing and are consuming management­ time.
A sale by Rio of its interest in Panguna would follow its decision this year to withdraw from Pebble, a copper project in Alaska that many observers think will be very difficult to develop amid environmen­tal concerns.
Anglo American also withdrew from Pebble, underscori­ng how the world’s largest miners are trying to cut down bloated asset portfolios­.
While Rio handed its Pebble stake to a group of local organisati­ons, it is likely to try to seek a buyer for its BCL stake. BCL, which remains listed in Australia,­ has a market capitalisa­tion of A$188m. Its shares rose 17.5 per cent on Monday. Rio was up 0.2 per cent in morning trading in London.

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