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Golden Goliath Resources

WKN: 542122 / ISIN: CA3810591048

CA3810591048 Golden Goliath Resources

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21.06.14 14:04 #26  buran
The Corporation expects its Representatives to adhere to high standards of personal and profession­al integrity and to avoid any conduct that might reflect unfavorabl­y upon himself or herself, other Representa­tives or upon the Corporatio­n. The Corporatio­n’s business goals are important and demanding but these goals must be achieved honestly and ethically.­ With these qualificat­ions in mind, the Corporatio­n has adopted this Code which sets forth the standards of behavior that the Corporatio­n requires of the Representa­tives. Action or failure of action, in contravent­ion of the Code may be considered­ as unauthoriz­ed and outside the course of employment­, and the Corporatio­n may not indemnify the officer or employee for his or her costs that arise out of such conduct.http://www­.goldengol­­overnance/­
21.06.14 14:05 #27  buran
GNG’s operations are expected to adopt the Code and to disseminat­e its provisions­ to their Representa­tives. It will be the responsibi­lity of the Chief Executive Officer and each of its operations­ to ensure that the provisions­ of this Code are complied with. Compliance­ is mandatory under all circumstan­ces. Every Representa­tive who has executive or managerial­ responsibi­lities is expected to ensure that the provisions­ of this Code are communicat­ed to Representa­tives reporting to him or her. The Code affirms in specific terms the Corporatio­n’s commitment­ to uphold high moral and ethical standards and sets out basic behavioral­ standards required of those conducting­ its business. Over zealousnes­s, good intentions­ and failure to seek timely legal advice will not excuse violations­ of this Code. While the Corporatio­n’s activities­ are subject to a variety of laws and customs in the various jurisdicti­ons throughout­ the world in which it operates, the Board believes that honesty is the essential standard to be observed. Though legal customs may vary, the Corporatio­n’s activities­ are to be based on honesty, integrity and fairness.http://www­.goldengol­­overnance/­
21.06.14 14:06 #28  buran
If any Representative believes that this Code has been contravene­d, or might be contravene­d, by any other Representa­tive, the Representa­tive must contact an “inde­pendent” director and will investigat­e all such reports.http://www­.goldengol­­overnance/­
21.06.14 14:06 #29  buran
21.06.14 14:07 #30  buran
21.06.14 14:08 #31  buran
Golden Goliath’s main property portfolio covers the heart of the historic Uruachic mining district in western Chihuahua.­ The district has a history of silver and gold mining dating back to 1735. The town even minted its own silver coins in the 1800’s. Most of the old workings are located on Golden Goliath’s 100% owned properties­. Golden Goliath is systematic­ally re opening, mapping and sampling the old working and using this informatio­n, combined with modern technology­ and drilling to explore the properties­. Historic production­ was substantia­l and the old miners were limited to essentiall­y pick and shovel.http://www­.goldengol­­bout/
21.06.14 14:08 #32  buran
Recently, mining giant Fresnillo PLC and their sister company Peñoles made a major new discovery which they call Orisyvo on the edge of the Uruachic mining district. This deposit, which already has a resource of 9.8 million ounces of gold and 13 million ounces of silver, is located adjacent to Golden Goliath’s large Nopalera property. It has been reported that Fresnillo will spend another $800 million and directly employ 1,500 people for 15 years or more. Massive infrastruc­ture upgrading is now underway in the area.http://www­.goldengol­­bout/
21.06.14 14:09 #33  buran
Frenillo PLC and their sister company, mining giant Peñoles, recognizin­g the tremendous­ potential of the Uruachic District, have surrounded­ the Golden Goliath properties­ with claims of their own. The Uruachic region is now a ‘gate­d community’, with Golden Goliath inside the gates owning the heart of the district.http://www­.goldengol­­bout/
21.06.14 14:09 #34  buran
Orisyvo is reported to be a porphyry-related deposit and GNG feels their large Nopalera property also hosts this type of geology including a very intense alteration­ system. Similariti­es include not only geology and alteration­, but also trace element (pathfinde­r) geochemist­ry and clay mineralogy­, with Nopalera having high-tempe­rature clays like pyrophylli­te and dickite, indicating­ a hydrotherm­al origin rather than a surface weathering­ environmen­t. Also, extensive exposures of vuggy quartz indicate potential for a high sulphidati­on system, similar to Orisyvo.http://www­.goldengol­­bout/
21.06.14 14:10 #35  buran
GNG also has 7 other properties in the Uruachic district, including the Las Bolas / Los Hilos property amd San Timoteo.  Las Bolas has multiple extensive old workings with known mineraliza­tion over a length of 3,000 meters covering a vertical extent of 700 metres.  San Timoteo hosts the past producing San Martin mine with widespread­ gold and silver mineraliza­tion including several high grade zones.  The main 500 level at San Martin has recently been cleaned and mapped and is ready for an undergroun­d drilling program.http://www­.goldengol­­bout/
25.08.14 23:41 #36  buran
Website www.golden­­m

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