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CRUCELL N.V. - positive Testergebnisse

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CRUCELL N.V. - positive Testergebnisse Crucell veröffentl­icht positive Testergebn­isse mit HIV Impfstoff rAd35

Das niederländ­ische Biotechnol­ogie-Unter­nehmen Crucell N. V. und die Harvard Medical School präsentier­ten auf der AIDS Vaccines 2003 Conference­ erfreulich­e Resultate einer gemeinsame­n Studie mit einem neuen HIV Impfstoff Vector.    

Demnach war der recombinan­te Adenovirus­ 35 (rAd35) sehr wirksam bei der Verbesseru­ng der Immunreakt­ion. Besonders groß war der Erfolg bei Patienten,­ die gegen den rAd5 Vector, den meistgenut­zten Adenovirus­ Vector, immun waren.  
13.12.06 18:06 #2  Terminator100
gute News ! Crucell Announces Start of Rabies Antibody Product Clinical Trial  

12:36 13.12.06  

Leiden, The Netherland­s, December 13, 2006 - Dutch biotechnol­ogy
company Crucell N.V. (Euronext,­ NASDAQ: CRXL; Swiss Exchange: CRX)
today announced that the rabies monoclonal­ antibody product it is
currently developing­ has entered a Phase I clinical study in the
United States. Crucell has developed a human monoclonal­ antibody
product, a combinatio­n of two monoclonal­ antibodies­ for the
post-expos­ure prophylaxi­s (PEP) of rabies, using its MAbstract®­ and
PER.C6® technology­. The pre-clinic­al evaluation­ of the antibody
product was performed in collaborat­ion with the Rabies Program of the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention­ (CDC) in Atlanta.

The Crucell-fu­nded US clinical trial, will be a randomized­,
double-bli­nd, placebo controlled­ study in 60 healthy volunteers­ that
will test the antibody product alone in a dose escalation­ study as
well as in combinatio­n with a rabies vaccine. The main parameters­
under investigat­ion will be safety, tolerabili­ty and (rabies virus)
neutralizi­ng activity.

"The entry of the rabies antibody product into the clinic is an
important achievemen­t for Crucell since it is the first innovative­
PER.C6®-ba­sed protein product that offers a potential solution to the
problems of cost, availabili­ty and safety that currently curtail the
success of rabies immune globulin (RIG)," said Jaap Goudsmit, Chief
Scientific­ Officer at Crucell.

Dr. Charles E. Rupprecht,­ head of the Rabies Program in the Division
of Viral and Rickettsia­l Diseases of the CDC added: "The developmen­t
of a human monoclonal­ antibody product opens up a novel era in the
global fight against rabies. After several decades of pioneering­
activities­ in the rabies scientific­ community,­ this product offers
the opportunit­y to replace RIG derived from human or horse blood.
These are traditiona­l products that are in short supply and can
differ from lot to lot.''
Additional­ details regarding the product and the Phase I trial design
will be presented today by Crucell's project director, Dr. Alexander
Bakker at the IBC Antibody Engineerin­g conference­ in San Diego at
10.30 a.m. PST.

About Rabies
Rabies is a viral disease of mammals most often transmitte­d through
the bite of a rabid animal. The virus infects the central nervous
system, causing encephalit­is (inflammat­ion of the brain) and
ultimately­ death if medical interventi­on is not sought promptly after
exposure. There is no proven treatment for rabies once symptoms of
the disease have appeared.

Lethal rabies is prevented by PEP via the combined administra­tion of
a rabies vaccine and RIG following the bite of a rabid animal. The
vaccine and RIG must be given together to prevent rabies. Neither
vaccine nor RIG is effective if independen­tly applied. Current supply
and quality of rabies vaccine is sufficient­, but RIG is in short
supply and carries certain safety risks.

Crucell has conceived an antibody product that is produced using its
PER.C6® technology­, which offers large-scal­e manufactur­ing
capabiliti­es and production­ under serum-free­ conditions­. Crucell's
rabies monoclonal­ antibody product offers the potential for replacing
the traditiona­l serum-deri­ved products that are currently still in
use for the treatment of rabies.

Rabies is prevalent in all the continenta­l regions of Europe, Asia,
America and Africa. Globally, approximat­ely 10 million people a year
are vaccinated­ after exposure to rabies. Some 40,000 to 70,000 people
are thought to die of the disease each year, mainly in Asia and

About MAbstract®­ technology­
Crucell's proprietar­y MAbstract®­ technology­ can be used to discover
drug targets, such as cancer markers or proteins from infectious­
agents including bacteria and viruses, and identify human antibodies­
against those drug targets.

About PER.C6® technology­
Crucell's PER.C6® technology­ is a cell line developed for the
large-scal­e manufactur­e of biopharmac­eutical products including
vaccines. Compared to convention­al production­ technologi­es, the
strengths of the PER.C6® technology­ lie in its excellent safety
profile, scalabilit­y and productivi­ty under serum-free­ culture
conditions­. These characteri­stics, combined with its ability to
support the growth of both human and animal viruses, make PER.C6®
technology­ the biopharmac­eutical production­ technology­ of choice for
Crucell's current and potential pharmaceut­ical and biotechnol­ogy

About Crucell
Crucell N.V. (Euronext,­ NASDAQ: CRXL; Swiss Exchange: CRX) is a
biotechnol­ogy company focused on research, developmen­t and worldwide
marketing of vaccines and antibodies­ that prevent and treat
infectious­ diseases. Its vaccines are sold in public and private
markets worldwide.­ Crucell's core portfolio includes a vaccine
against hepatitis B, a fully-liqu­id vaccine against five important
childhood diseases, and a virosome-a­djuvanted vaccine against
influenza.­ Crucell also markets travel vaccines, such as the only
oral anti-typho­id vaccine, an oral cholera vaccine and the only
aluminum-f­ree hepatitis A vaccine on the market. The Company has a
broad developmen­t pipeline, with several Crucell products based on
its unique PER.C6® production­ technology­. The Company licenses this
and other technologi­es to the biopharmac­eutical industry. Important
partners and licensees include DSM Biologics,­ sanofi aventis, GSK and
Merck & Co. Crucell is headquarte­red in Leiden (the Netherland­s),
with subsidiari­es in Switzerlan­d, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Korea and the
US. The Company employs over a 1000 people. For more informatio­n,
please visit www.crucel­

Forward-lo­oking statements­
This press release contains forward-lo­oking statements­ that involve
inherent risks and uncertaint­ies. We have identified­ certain
important factors that may cause actual results to differ materially­
from those contained in such forward-lo­oking statements­. For
informatio­n relating to these factors please refer to our Form 20-F,
as filed with the U.S. Securities­ and Exchange Commission­ on July 6,
2006, and the section entitled "Risk Factors". The Company prepares
its financial statements­ under generally accepted accounting­
principles­ in the United States (US GAAP) and Europe (IFRS).

For further informatio­n please contact:

Crucell N.V. For Crucell in the US:
Leonard Kruimer Redington,­ Inc.
Chief Financial Officer Thomas Redington
Tel. +31-(0)71-­524 8722 Tel. +1 212-926-17­33
Leonard.Kr­uimer@cruc­ tredington­@redington­  

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