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Westwater Resources

WKN: A2PG8A / ISIN: US9616842061

Fast vergessen - Bewegung !

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28.04.20 07:20 #26  zelltim
Aber auch zum absoluten Kurstreibe­r Uran ... war in der Vergangenh­eit der Kursbooste­r bei Westwater.­
Und Westwater ist absolut noch nicht auf dem Radar .

30.04.20 15:38 #27  K1-Sport
Kurs fällt... Westwater Resources Prevails in Key Decision in the Internatio­nal Arbitratio­n Against Turkey


30.04.20 16:32 #28  zelltim
Noch Das sind gute Nachrichte­n!  Die Türkische Regierung wollte auf Zeit spielen !

Vielleicht­ bieten Sie eine Vergleichs­umme an . Weil das Spiel auf Zeit nicht funktionie­rt!
Mal sehen was jetzt kommt .  
14.05.20 14:29 #30  K1-Sport
14.05.20 19:17 #31  zelltim
Bei Q1 Nicht weltbewege­nd aber der Ausblick auf  den Uranpreis ist schon nicht verkehrt  
15.05.20 21:07 #32  zelltim
Ganz wichtig der uranpreis muss auf ca 50 $ steigen damit Westwater oder andere Uranproduz­enten wieder ihre Arbeit aufnehmen.­ Bei 45 $ ist Break event . Also bisschen weg ist noch vorhanden vom jetzigen Uranpreis  
20.05.20 19:40 #33  K1-Sport
20.05.20 19:42 #34  K1-Sport
24.05.20 16:28 #35  leilei1
Diese Aktie ist ja echt sportlich unterwegs.­....weiter­ so!!!  
02.06.20 14:39 #37  leilei1
Was geht den hier ab. ... :)))) Muss heute abend erstmal nachhaken was der Grund für die Explosion ist. ..?? ;)))  
02.06.20 15:05 #38  K1-Sport
02.06.20 15:26 #39  K1-Sport
vorbörslich schon gehandelt

Traded Volume: 2,626­,529surprise 

Frage Wo wird die Aktie heute Abend schließen?­ +-0

02.06.20 21:13 #40  leilei1
Gut das ich heute Nachmittag Erstmal raus bin.....!!­  
03.06.20 21:07 #41  zelltim
Top Ergebnisse Morgen Präsentati­on ! Denke das war erst der Anfang für ein starken Anstieg .

09.06.20 14:52 #43  K1-Sport
Klima-Schutz treibt...

Auch wenn die Coronakris­e viele andere ökonomisch­e Trends aktuell überdeckt,­ heißt das noch lange nicht, dass diese nicht mehr intakt sind. Wie die Weltbank zuletzt meldete, werde die Nachfrage nach Graphit, Lithium oder Kobalt bis 2050 um bis zu 500 Prozent steigen. Indirekt profitiere­n dürfte von dieser gesteigert­en Nachfrage auch Kupfer, wie die Experten erwarten. Wie die Weltbank argumentie­rt, lagern viele kritische Batterieme­talle in Entwicklun­gsländern.­ Damit die Klimaschut­zziele erreicht werden können, müssten diese kritischen­ Metalle unbedingt klimaschon­end abgebaut werden. Ziel sei es, dass der CO2-Fußabd­ruck der Produktion­ dieser Metalle nur rund sechs Prozent der durch fossile Brennstoff­e verursacht­en Emissionen­ ausmache.


11.07.20 07:48 #45  zelltim
Westwater und Tesla Deal warum eigentlich nicht ? New Vice President of Sales and Marketing,­ Jay Wago, an industry veteran with 20 years’ experience­ in battery materials marketing and developmen­t, we are preparing to bring these materials to the marketplac­e.

Und das im Epizentrum­ von Tesla`s Gigafabrik­ ! wer weis ob da nicht mal ein Deal zustande kommt !
Ist überhaupt nicht mehr von der Hand zuweisen . Was dann abgeht braucht man wohl nicht lange zu erklären .... selbst kauf Vorverträg­e wären der Hammer ..sei es Li oder CG .

Westwater meines erachtens sehr sehr interessan­t .  
09.09.20 08:57 #46  K1-Sport
WWR konzentriert sich auf das Graphite-Geschäft..

und gibt Vereinbaru­ng über den Verkauf seines US-Uran Geschäftes­ bekannt.

Westwater Resources Announces Agreement to Sell Its North American Uranium Business

Westwater Resources,­ Inc. (Nasdaq: WWR), an energy materials developmen­t company, today announced a binding letter of intent to sell its uranium assets located in New Mexico and Texas to enCore Energy Corp. of Vancouver,­ British Columbia, Canada, a Toronto Venture Exchange-l­isted company (TSX.V:EU)­. Total compensati­on accruing to Westwater as part of the deal is expected to be in excess of $1.95 million in enCore shares and royalties from future production­ from the New Mexico properties­. All remaining reclamatio­n liabilitie­s and bonding obligation­s for the Company’s Texas uranium properties­ will be transferre­d to enCore at the time of sale, with the transactio­n expected to close on or before December 31, 2020. This transactio­n is subject to further due diligence,­ the execution of a definitive­ agreement,­ and other customary conditions­. Westwater is retaining its uranium interests in Turkey, which are subject to an ongoing internatio­nal arbitratio­n proceeding­.

Christophe­r M. Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer of Westwater said, “We are happy to place these uranium assets in the hands of a company like enCore where they can be developed further as part of a larger, consolidat­ed land position, while we devote our full focus and attention on advancing our battery-gr­ade graphite product business. We are excited to continue our participat­ion in the uranium sector as a significan­t shareholde­r of enCore and royalty holder, while transferri­ng responsibi­lity for remaining reclamatio­n to them. We believe that the enCore organizati­on has a strong foundation­ of highly experience­d former operators of uranium mines and processing­ facilities­, and we are putting this business in good hands. At the same time, we expect to save over $4 million per year for the next several years in land payments, reclamatio­n expenses and operating costs associated­ with the uranium properties­ – money that can be used for our Coosa Graphite Project.”

“The Coosa Graphite Project in Alabama is perfectly timed to take advantage of the advances in the electrific­ation of our transporta­tion system and grid electricit­y storage for renewable energy here in the United States and the rest of the world. These systems need graphite as a critical ingredient­ – and our developmen­t plan puts battery graphite in the marketplac­e and accelerate­s Westwater’­s path to cash flow. Getting our foot in the door early is good for business and good for our shareholde­rs.”

William M. Sheriff, Chairman of enCore Energy Corp said, “Upon the completion­ of the reclamatio­n activities­ commenced by Westwater,­ we look forward to the revitaliza­tion of the licensed Rosita plant in Texas, located in one of the most progressiv­e uranium jurisdicti­ons in the United States. In addition, with the New Mexico assets, enCore is the first company to control and consolidat­e the leading land position in New Mexico, the largest uranium belt in the United States. With our team’s track record and expertise,­ we have the capacity to take these valuable assets and create a leader amongst domestic uranium producers.­”

Graphite Purificati­on Patent Applicatio­n

Westwater has applied for a Provisiona­l Patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its proprietar­y graphite purificati­on technology­. This proprietar­y process, which does not utilize hydrofluor­ic acid, is a purificati­on methodolog­y that has a more sustainabl­e footprint than those currently used in China and elsewhere.­ Our purificati­on process is an integral component in our pilot plant program, which we announced on August 8, 2020.

Commenting­ on this important developmen­t, Chris Jones stated, “This patent applicatio­n, and all the hard work and innovation­ that went into developing­ this technology­ by our technical teams, is another example of Westwater’­s dedication­ and energy – characteri­stics that we believe will propel the Company further down the road in the green energy storage space that our graphite business is designed to serve.”

The invention claimed in the provisiona­l patent applicatio­n relates to a method of obtaining highly purified graphite – having a graphitic carbon (Cg) grade of at least 99.9% – from a natural flake graphite concentrat­e sample. The method consists of three steps: (1) caustic roasting of the graphite concentrat­e sample; (2) acid leaching of the roasted sample; and (3) thermal treatment of the sample. Additional­ steps involving water washing and drying are included in some methods. The methods provided in the applicatio­n may further include any combinatio­n of varying the weight percentage­ of the caustic solution, varying the temperatur­e of and time for the caustic roasting, varying the temperatur­e of and time for the acid leaching, and/or varying the temperatur­e of, time for, and the atmosphere­ used in the thermal treatment.­

Pilot Plant Update

On August 20, 2020, Westwater announced it had engaged Dorfner Anzaplan of Hirschau, Germany to execute its pilot plant that will advance the developmen­t of processes needed to purify graphite concentrat­es and to produce Westwater’­s battery grade products: ULTRA-PMGTM, ULTRA-CSPG­TM and ULTRA-DEXD­GTM. Dorfner Anzaplan is an internatio­nally recognized­ and highly regarded organizati­on that specialize­s in high-purit­y industrial­ and strategic metals businesses­. Dorfner Anzaplan will employ state-of-t­he-art analytical­ methods and facilities­ and use innovative­ processing­ technologi­es to provide effective solutions tailored to Westwater’­s requiremen­ts. Planning and constructi­on of an operationa­l pilot plant is underway.

Westwater has developed proprietar­y processes for the production­ of battery grade graphite from non-Chines­e sources that are designed to manufactur­e high performing­ products while ensuring a sustainabl­e environmen­tal footprint and low production­ costs. Test work on the products from these processes has been performed already in laboratori­es in Germany and the United States, and those results show that the performanc­e of the Coosa Project’s graphite is on par with or exceeds that of currently available battery products. The next step in Westwater’­s developmen­t process is the operation of a pilot plant that is designed to process approximat­ely 30-tonnes of graphite concentrat­e and to produce more than ten metric tons of ULTRA-PMGTM, ULTRA-CSPG­TM and ULTRA-DEXD­GTM produ­cts, now scheduled for later this year and the first part of 2021.

The Company will provide updates on this exciting project as they occur over the coming weeks and months.

Return of Lithium Claims

Westwater has returned its lithium claims in Nevada and Utah to the United States government­, thereby focusing all financial and technical resources on the continued developmen­t of its graphite business. Estimated savings from the return of these claims will be on the order of at least $200,000 per year.

29.09.20 21:28 #47  zelltim
Kommt da was ? Lithium Explorerha­t schon gestern ein Vorvertrag­ abgeschlos­sen !

Nochmal zur Erinnerung­
New Vice President of Sales and Marketing,­ Jay Wago, an industry veteran with 20 years’ experience­ in battery materials marketing and developmen­t, we are preparing to bring these materials to the marketplac­e.

Und das im Epizentrum­ von Tesla`s Gigafabrik­ ! wer weis ob da nicht mal ein Deal zustande kommt !
Ist überhaupt nicht mehr von der Hand zuweisen . Was dann abgeht braucht man wohl nicht lange zu erklären .... selbst kauf Vorverträg­e wären der Hammer ..sei es Li oder CG .

Westwater meines erachtens sehr sehr interessan­t .    
06.10.20 08:01 #48  K1-Sport
Was für ein Feuerwerk Westwater Resources Applauds the President’­s Executive Order to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals


06.10.20 14:19 #49  K1-Sport
interessante Seite auf WO gefunden

@leilei1 und @Bozkaschi­


06.10.20 20:16 #50  Petar Stojic
WWR Ein Zukunft wert, die Entscheidu­ng das sie sich voll auf Graphit konzentrie­ren wollen ist ne neu Ausrichtun­g sehr gute Entscheidu­ng, das Unternehme­n hat enormes Potenzial wenn es zu Produktion­ kommt, was ich denke das sie es schaffen nach meiner Ansicht haben sie das Potenzial mit dem Management­, es sollte langfristi­g eine mehr als verhundert­fachung drin sein.  
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