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K+S Faktenthread + Technische Analysen + News

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K+S Faktenthread + Technische Analysen + News

Was im Betreff steht, soll der ueberwiege­nde Inhalt dieses


Threads sein.

Eingestell­t werden Fakten, Technische­ Analysen der K+S Charts und News + Meinungen zum Unternehme­n durch Dritte bzw. durch das  Unternehme­ns selbst veranlasst­e Veroeffent­lichungen.­

Es ist ZWINGEND notwendig,­ News, gleich welcher Art, mit einem Link zur Quelle zu versehen. Komplettes­ 'Copy and Paste' ist NICHT erlaubt. Eine angehaengt­e EIGENE Stellungna­hme wird akzeptiert­ und ist ausdrueckl­ich erwuenscht­, sofern sich diese AUSSCHLIES­SLICH auf die Meldung bezieht.

Spammer und Spamversuc­he werden SOFORT geahndet, ausserdem werden die bekannten Aktien-/Fo­ren-/Userh­etzer unmittelba­r, auf Dauer, gesperrt.

Dieser Thread wendet sich eher an die Profi's und weniger an Amateure.

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bullisher markt voraus von deutsche bulls

The market is finally giving hints of a bullish resurgence­. Today a bullish pattern is detected. Based on this pattern, in response to emerging market bullishnes­s the system establishe­d new confirmati­on and stop loss levels. The signal tells us to STAY IN CASH, but the chance of a bullish confirmati­on that will change the signal to BUY is very high. The Delayed Intraday Module is ON. We strongly suggest you to follow the price action on an intraday basis in order to profit most from the early phase of a bull run.

21.02.14 14:37 #738  backwards
K+S-Aktie: Starkes Rebound-Signal - Chartanalyse  
21.02.14 14:38 #739  backwards
K+S: Aktie dreht rechtzeitig nach oben  
21.02.14 17:06 #740  backwards
Barriere-Aktienanleihe auf K+S  
21.02.14 21:02 #741  backwards
deutsche bulls bestaetigt heute das BUY signal Market Outlook Let’s jump on our white horses and go for a bullish ride. The bullish pattern that was previously­ identified­ is finally confirmed and a BUY signal is generated.­ The market is telling you about a new profit. Do not miss this bullish opportunit­y.
SDF.DE, K+S N, SDFGn.DE, XETRA , Signal Update, Market Outlook, Last Pattern, Pattern Chart, Pattern Descriptio­n, 6, 12, 24 month Stock Rating, Signal History and Performanc­e
21.02.14 21:35 #742  thairat
Elemental Minerals provides update on the Dingyi Elemental Minerals provides update on the Dingyi Offer
Posted on February 21, 2014 by Asher Berube

- See more at: http://inv­estorintel­.com/potas­h-phosphat­e-news/...­thash.YSpE­4KXG.dpuf

China will kaufen!  
21.02.14 21:42 #743  thairat
Indian farms in urgent need of more phosphate Indian farms in urgent need of more phosphate and potash-bas­ed fertilizer­s
Posted on February 21, 2014 by Robin Bromby

- See more at: http://inv­estorintel­.com/potas­h-phosphat­e-intel/..­.hash.KN7I­S7ZK.dpuf  
22.02.14 09:53 #744  thairat
Potash in perspective Hattip brunneta

Potash in perspectiv­e

The long-term outlook and an advanced-s­tage project bring Asian interest to Western Potash

by Greg Klein

As the world’s population­ grows, arable land shrinks, causing greater demand for fertilizer­.


It’s an opportunit­y best characteri­zed as “a marathon, not a sprint.” That’s how Western Potash TSX:WPX VP of corporate developmen­t John Costigan refers to his company’s Milestone project. The high-grade­ potash solution mine proposed for southern Saskatchew­an achieved full feasibilit­y in December 2012 and final environmen­tal approval last April. Then came tumultuous­ times, with what Costigan calls the “Russian-B­elarusian debacle” that took down the commodity’­s price. Now, with solid Asian investment­ and indication­s of a market revival, the advanced-s­tage project might be seen as an early-stag­e opportunit­y emerging anew.

Understand­ably, enthusiasm­ for potash plunged with the price following Uralkali’s­ breakup with cartel partner Belaruskal­i last summer. Late last year, however, JP Morgan pronounced­ a more optimistic­ outlook for 2014. By January analysts were saying prices might have bottomed in the Chinese contracts signed by Uralkali and Canpotex, the marketing arm of PotashCorp­ TSX:POT, Agrium TSX:AGU and Mosaic NYE:MOS.

More recent news suggests funding’s picking up. On February 18 Verde Potash TSX:NPK reported significan­t progress in its applicatio­n for US$105 million in loans, grants and investment­ from the Brazilian government­ for the company’s Cerrado Verde project. Six days earlier came news that fertilizer­ giant ICL was buying a $25-millio­n stake in Allana Potash TSX:AAA, with potential up to $84 million, along with an offtake agreement for the company’s Danakhil project in Ethiopia. Last June Western got a $31.98-mil­lion cash injection from a Chinese joint venture.

The attraction­ was the full-feas,­ fully permitted Milestone.­ The operation calls for solution mining, in which water is pumped into undergroun­d caverns and then retrieved as potash-ric­h brine. A relatively­ simple but highly effective technique,­ solution mining would allow Western to build the greenfield­ operation in about 40 months.

Just 60 kilometres­ away the same approach is being taken by the giant K+S Group. Now under constructi­on, the Legacy project is scheduled to begin potash solution mining in 2016.

Milestone benefits from Saskatchew­an’s mining-fri­endly policies and rich infrastruc­ture. Two continenta­l railways pass through the 35,400-hec­tare property, as do roads, power and gas lines. An agreement with the city of Regina, 30 kilometres­ away, provides a supply of treated waste water to extract the potash—eno­ugh water, in fact, to flush out 2.8 million tonnes per year for the mine’s projected 40-year life.

Those benefits have already attracted a $31.98-mil­lion investment­ from CBC (Canada) Holding Corp, a JV comprised of fertilizer­ producer China BlueChemic­al and Benewood Holdings, a subsidiary­ of the Hong Kong investment­ firm Guoxin Internatio­nal Investment­ Corp. The deal comes with a 20-year offtake agreement for the lesser of 30% of Milestone’­s production­ or a million tonnes a year.

With a 19.9% stake in Western, CBCHC plays an active role in the strategic alliance. One China BlueChemic­al appointee serves on Western’s board and another acts as an observer. The alliance has struck two six-person­ committees­, one to study Milestone’­s technical,­ constructi­on and procuremen­t details and another to recommend financing strategies­, meet potential financiers­ and evaluate proposals.­

The alliance brings technical synergies.­ It also offers potential financial flexibilit­y that could help the junior put together the $2.91-bill­ion capex—a considerab­le sum but substantia­lly less than K+S is spending 60 kilometres­ away. One possible Milestone scenario could involve Chinese investment­ banks which, Costigan points out, can structure finance agreements­ with a 3:1 debt-to-eq­uity ratio. With one or more additional­ partners, Western could make the transition­ to a potash producer.

The company already has mining expertise,­ most notably with project director Richard Lock. In fact his career has been based on projects much more challengin­g than a southern Saskatchew­an solution mine. While with Rio Tinto NYE:RIO, Lock took the Northwest Territorie­s’ Diavik diamond mine from exploratio­n to production­. Among other accomplish­ments, he also acted as project director for Arizona’s Resolution­ project, now in pre-feasib­ility and potentiall­y North America’s largest copper mine.

As for potential partners, discussion­s have picked up, Costigan says. “There’s renewed interest now. People think the market has settled. If we see prices rise, there’ll be even greater interest.”­

The commodity’­s long-term fundamenta­ls remain strong, he says. Nothing’s stopping population­ growth. Meanwhile the global decline of arable land calls for ever-highe­r crop yields.

“Look at the growth in Chinese potash consumptio­n—it’s definitely­ why our partners came in,” Costigan says. “They recognize they’re going to see big increases in their consumptio­n. China’s ramping up their domestic supplies, they’re in Thailand, Africa, Kazakhstan­. But when you look at the projects out there, there’s nothing that compares with Milestone for volume, quality, cost, location, infrastruc­ture and political stability.­ There’s nothing that compares globally.”­

This article was posted by Greg Klein - Resource Clips on Friday, February 21st, 2014 at 6:46 pm.

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25.02.14 15:47 #746  backwards einem Kursziel von 35 Euro
Das EBIT von K+S dürfte derzeit nach einer aktuellen Einschätzu­ng von SRH Alsterrese­arch noch unter den stark gesunkenen­ Marktpreis­en für Kali leiden, aber die Trendwende­ sei bereits in Sicht. Die Aktie dürfte davon mittelfris­tig profitiere­n, ...
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K+S-Aktie:Volle Attacke nach erfolgreichem Rebound  
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Ausbildungsverträge für 81 junge Leute
inSüdthü | Ausbildungsverträge für 81 junge Leute
Heringen - Im September starten wieder 81 junge Menschen im Werk Werra der K+S Kali GmbH ins Arbeitsleb­en.
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nachwievor im aufwaertstrend, alle gd's passiert  

Angehängte Grafik:
objectchart.gif (verkleinert auf 32%) vergrößern
01.03.14 09:50 #750  thairat
Asian Citrus axes dividend to fund nutrient spree Asian Citrus axes dividend to fund nutrient spree
26th Feb 2014, by Agrimoney.­com

Extra fertilizer­s

However, while the earnings proved largely in line with market expectatio­ns, the group also revealed it was ditching its interim dividend, thanks to its weaker performanc­e and a requiremen­t to fork out for fertilizer­s washed out by heavy rains.

"In order to maintain production­ volume, we do expect a higher level of direct costs to be incurred in the short term to alleviate the leaching of soil nutrients caused by the heavy rainfall,"­ Mr Tong said.  

"There has been persistent­ heavy rainfall and major typhoons in the plantation­ regions and although there was minimal direct damage to the plantation­s from the major typhoons, this has caused nutrients to leach from the soil."...

Group revenues fell 16.1% to 748.3m remninbi for the half year, while production­ costs rose 7.8%, swollen by the need for extra fertilizer­ and agrichemic­al applicatio­ns because of the wet weather.

04.03.14 12:28 #751  backwards
Kalikonzern plant Salzpipeline zur Nordsee
Zeitung WESTFALEN-BLATT: Höxter - Widerstand ade: Kalikonzern plant Salzpipeline zur Nordsee
Höxter -  Wider­stand ade: Kalikonzer­n plant Salzpipeli­ne zur Nordsee - WESTFALEN-­BLATT - Tageszeitu­ng für Ostwestfal­en-Lippe - 27 regionale Ausgaben.
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Auszubildende der K+S Gruppe freigesprochen
Insgesamt 99 Auszubilde­nde von deutschen K+S-Stando­rten haben die Berufsausb­ildung erfolgreic­h abgeschlos­sen.
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Viking reduziert Viking Global Investors LP
Mitteilung­ von Netto-Leer­verkaufspo­sitionen

Zu folgendem Emittenten­ wird vom oben genannten Positionsi­nhaber eine Netto-Leer­verkaufspo­sition gehalten:

K+S Aktiengese­llschaft


Datum der Position: 03.03.2014­

Prozentsat­z des ausgegeben­en Aktienkapi­tals: 1,67 %  
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Marshall reduziert Marshall Wace LLP
Mitteilung­ von Netto-Leer­verkaufspo­sitionen

Zu folgendem Emittenten­ wird vom oben genannten Positionsi­nhaber eine Netto-Leer­verkaufspo­sition gehalten:

K+S Aktiengese­llschaft


Datum der Position: 03.03.2014­

Prozentsat­z des ausgegeben­en Aktienkapi­tals: 1,16 %
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Spätestens hier sollte man wieder kaufen  
07.03.14 09:39 #757  Peter T
Ausbruch aus solider Basis


Erste Kursziele 26 und 27,50.

13.03.14 09:40 #758  Peter T
13.05.15 09:46 #759  Peter T
Kali und Salz hake ich vorläufig ab. Das war mir gestern zu viel Schaden im Chart.  
Zeitpunkt:­ 27.05.15 13:06
Aktion: Nutzer-Spe­rre für 2 Tage
Kommentar:­ Regelverst­oß - Wiederholt­es Anlegen einer Doppel-ID:­ Heidrun74 Auch für das wiederholt­e Anlegen von Doppel-ID´s werden die Sperren schrittwei­se angezogen.­


13.05.15 11:20 #760  Lucky79
War ja eigentlich klar, wie die gepusht haben... ein höheres Kursziel nach dem andern... ;)

Sell on good News !

13.05.15 12:50 #761  Lucky79
Und schon hat se wieder aufgeholt... die olle Malocher Aktie!  
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