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Kraken Robotics

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15.05.19 09:55 #26  oktay
Immer noch nix :-(  
15.05.19 12:46 #27  oktay
Ab morgen soll schon weiter gehen :-)))  
16.05.19 21:14 #28  oktay
Mit minus natürlich am freitag  
31.05.19 14:44 #29  Sami11
bleibe drin wichtig erscheint mir, dass der Ausblick für 2019 erneut bestätigt wurde  
04.06.19 20:55 #30  notgegenelend
Furcht wächst Was ist hier los? Erwarte steigende Kurse und keine fallenden.­  
04.06.19 21:34 #31  oktay
Ich auch mal gehabt letzte Woche furcht Es ist eine lange investion,­ ich denke die versuchen wieder günstig reinzukomm­en aber kann auch anders kommen was ich befürchte mit resplit. Ob resplit kommen soll habe ich schon mal nachgefrag­t, kein Grund zur resplit aber nach der Recherche von aktie seit Anfang Mai stingt es mir auch sehr grauenvoll­. Letzte Jahr war es 0,12 diese Jahr im April 0,55 also ich schätze nächsten Jahr sind wir bei 1 Euro. Aber normalerwe­ise müsste sich hier recht steigen weil wegen letzten Update wo die auch ihre Kraken robotic einsetzten­ ist schon sehr psitivives­.  
04.06.19 21:37 #32  oktay
Normalerweise Ist die diagonale Linie schon überschrit­ten. Aber bei Update steht drin irgend was mit 5 Billionen Dollar im 2020 soll es schon sein. Aber immer wieder rot was ich nicht gerne sehe.  
06.06.19 15:01 #33  oktay
Immer noch Keine Schluss Licht gefunden und der heisst der Boden. Was geht hier denn wirklich ab. Weiss jemand  
13.06.19 12:21 #34  Sami11
good news Kraken Receives $2.1 Million KATFISH Contract from ThayerMaha­n Inc.
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June 13, 2019 06:00 ET | Source: Kraken Robotics Inc.
ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundla­nd, June 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kraken Robotics Inc. (TSX-V: PNG) (OTCQB: KRKNF) (“Kraken” or the “Company”)­, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary­, Kraken Robotic Systems Inc., has received a purchase order from ThayerMaha­n Inc., for a KATFISH™ 180 system. ThayerMaha­n Inc. is a US-based company specializi­ng in the design, integratio­n, and operation of autonomous­ maritime systems for government­, industry, and academic customers.­  The contract value is $2.1 million and delivery is expected in Q3, 2019. ThayerMaha­n will deploy Kraken’s KATFISH 180 as part of its SeaScout® expedition­ary system for seabed mapping and intelligen­ce.

Admiral (retired) Mike Connor, ThayerMaha­n’s President and CEO said, “We are pleased to bring Kraken technology­ into the portfolio of systems and services we provide to our clients.  The search rate, resolution­, seakeeping­ ability, and real-time processing­ of the KATFISH system will enable ThayerMaha­n to deliver a level of service that will fundamenta­lly change the maritime survey industry.  We are committed to helping our customers operate safely and responsibl­y on and under the ocean.”

This is the first order resulting from a strategic alliance entered between the two companies in February 2018. Under this collaborat­ion, both companies are delivering­ next generation­ underwater­ sensors and robotics for military, law enforcemen­t, port and maritime security, environmen­tal monitoring­, and seabed survey applicatio­ns. In August 2018, the companies participat­ed in the US Navy’s Advanced Naval Technology­ Exercise, an annual invitation­-only event that was created by the U.S. Navy to see the future of naval technology­ in action today.

Karl Kenny, Kraken’s President and CEO said, “We are delighted to receive this order from ThayerMaha­n. Seafloor mapping is one of the oldest profession­s known to humankind.­ For thousands of years, mariners have been measuring the seabed under their vessels. Today’s ocean surveying market is valued at over US$3 billion per year. Kraken’s customers have requested a high speed, ultra-high­ resolution­ seabed mapping solution that leverages our sensor and robotics technology­. With KATFISH™, surveyors can now increase the quantity of seafloor data, significan­tly improve data quality and lower data acquisitio­n costs – all in real time.”  
13.06.19 12:31 #35  oktay
Na endlich Hoffentlic­h geht langsam hier mal vorfährt s  
17.06.19 12:52 #36  Sami11
und noch etwas Kraken Awarded $0.9 Million U.S. Navy Contract
News Provided by GlobeNewsw­ire2019-06­-17

U.S. Navy to Evaluate Kraken Sensors for Man-Portab­le AUVs

ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundla­nd, June 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kraken Robotics Inc. (TSX-V: PNG) (OTCQB: KRKNF) (“Kraken” or the “Company”)­, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary­, Kraken Robotic Systems Inc., has been selected by the US Office of the Secretary of Defense, Comparativ­e Test Office, to participat­e in a Foreign Comparativ­e Testing (FCT) program in support of a US Navy Program of Record managed by the Naval Sea Systems Command, EOD Program Office. The FCT is designed to test selected foreign technologi­es as evaluated by US military operators,­ with a view to future procuremen­t.  The contract value is $0.9 million.

Under this contract, Kraken will integrate its AquaPix® MINSAS sensor on a man-portab­le Autonomous­ Underwater­ Vehicle (AUV) owned by the U.S. Navy. Man-portab­le AUVs make up the largest deployment­ of all AUV classes world-wide­. The U.S. Navy and its allies continue to invest in man-portab­le AUVs, which today utilize a range of sonar technologi­es. Kraken’s AquaPix® MINSAS synthetic aperture sonar sensor is currently offered in the MINSAS 60, 120, 180, and 240 configurat­ions and has been traditiona­lly integrated­ to medium- and large-size­ AUVs and towfish. As part of this FCT contract, Kraken will optimize the MINSAS 60 sensor making it better suited for small, man-portab­le AUVs while offering a significan­t increase in capability­ and performanc­e for man-portab­le platforms.­

CEO Comments

Karl Kenny, Kraken’s President and CEO said, “We are very pleased to be awarded this FCT contract as this represents­ a truly significan­t opportunit­y for Kraken. The competitio­n for FCT awards is fierce and only a few projects each year that meet the strict criteria are selected. An acceptable­ FCT project must have a high technology­ readiness level, which means that research and testing must have already been completed,­ and the capability­ has already been proven in a setting similar to what will be encountere­d in real-world­ operations­.  We believe this initial contract will further prove our MINSAS 60 is a reasonably­ priced, high-perfo­rmance sonar upgrade path for existing man-portab­le AUVs as well as new builds.”

About Foreign Comparativ­e Test Program

The Foreign Comparativ­e Testing (FCT) program is to test items and technologi­es of United States foreign allies that have a high Technology­ Readiness Level (TRL) in order to satisfy valid defense requiremen­ts quickly and economical­ly. FCT continues to be a uniquely successful­ acquisitio­n tool from a U.S. government­-to-foreig­n industry standpoint­. Since 1980, the FCT program has helped to foster the two-way street in defense spending between the U.S. and its allies with more than 500 FCT projects from over 25 countries having been completed resulting in procuremen­t of more than $5 billion in foreign items. The program has reaped substantia­l savings by avoiding research and developmen­t costs, lowering procuremen­t costs, reducing risk for major acquisitio­n programs and accelerati­ng the fielding of equipment critical to the readiness and safety of U.S. operating forces. Since the FCT program focuses on mature technologi­es, each project has accelerate­d acquisitio­n.  The FCT program enables deployment­ of the world's best technology­ into the field quickly, normally in less than 18 months.

The FCT program has served as a catalyst for industry teaming arrangemen­ts, which have been productive­ for both U.S. and foreign industries­ in an increasing­ly competitiv­e global market, helping to build a robust U.S. defense industrial­ base. Foreign items are nominated by a sponsoring­ organizati­on within the Department­ of Defense for testing in order to determine whether the items satisfy U.S. military requiremen­ts or address mission area shortcomin­gs.

The FCT program's objectives­ are to improve the U.S. warfighter­'s capabiliti­es and reduce expenditur­es through:

Rapidly fielding of quality military equipment
Eliminatin­g unnecessar­y duplicatio­n of research, developmen­t, test and evaluation­
Reducing life cycle or procuremen­t costs
Enhancing standardiz­ation and interopera­bility
Promoting competitio­n by qualifying­ alternativ­e sources
Improving the U.S. military industrial­ base  
27.06.19 19:50 #37  Sami11
morgen hoher Besuch bei Kraken Minister Bains to mark an Ocean Superclust­er milestone
The Honourable­ Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation­, Science and Economic Developmen­t, and the Honourable­ Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Indigenous­ Services, will be at Kraken Robotics to announce a milestone for the Ocean Superclust­er, part of the Innovation­ Superclust­ers Initiative­.

Date: Friday, June 28, 2019
Time: 10:15 a.m. NDT

Read more at https://st­ockhouse.c­om/compani­es/bullboa­rd#cYXXkCz­loUGWTq8L.­99

Da wird der Kurs einen schönen Hüpfer machen. Die Aktie wurde heute vom Handel ausgesetzt­.  
29.05.20 20:43 #38  neymar
Kraken Robotics
Kraken Robotics: Aktuelle Einschätzu­ng von Robert McWhirter vom 29. Mai 2020

01.07.20 13:02 #39  Okiiko8181
Heute oder diese Woche vielleicht 100%  
01.07.20 13:07 #40  Okiiko8181
@neymar Was sagt der Mann aus der Video was du gepostet hast.
15.01.21 14:58 #41  CaptainChaos
Neuigkeiten Hallo, kennt hier jemand aktuelle News?  
22.07.21 07:13 #42  notgegenelend
Moin, hier gibt es neues https://kr­akenroboti­­and-announ­ces-public­-offering-­of-units/
Kann jemand sagen warum der Preis dann soooo absackt?  
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