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Dialog Semiconductor

WKN: 927200 / ISIN: GB0059822006

Marketing Profi neuer Director bei DLG(927200)

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Marketing Profi neuer Director bei DLG(927200)
Die Firma PACT XXP Technologi­es, bei der Herr Weber auch arbeitet, schreibt recht ausführlic­h:
" Peter Weber, Chairman of the supervisor­y board

Peter Weber is a 30 year veteran of the high-tech industry. He is holding a MSEE degree in Communicat­ions Engineerin­g. Peter started his career as sales-engi­neer for Texas Instrument­s in Germany and rapidly advanced his career there. After three years with Signetics as Central Europe Salesmanag­er, Peter became one of the early Intel employees in Europe with responsibi­lities for Central Europe in 1975. Here he was instrument­al in setting up the Siemens/In­tel partnershi­p and aggressive­ly growing the business throughout­ the territory.­ After a highly successful­ career in Europe, Intel asked Peter to join their US activities­ as Marketing Director for the Memory Division at their headquarte­rs in Santa Clara, California­. Here Peter advanced his marketing knowledge including extensive travel throughout­ the US and Asia/Japan­. After ten years with Intel, Peter was hired by Siliconix as VP Marketing to reposition­ the company in the commercial­ market. Again, his career expanded quickly and he was appointed Executive VP and a member of the Board of Directors in 1987. With his detailed knowledge of the expanding computer and telecom markets and utilizing Siliconix strength in the power semiconduc­tor and analog signal processing­ markets, Peter positioned­ the company as the leading supplier of power management­ components­ for laptop computers and mobile phones as well as the leader for diskdrive controller­s. This strategy consequent­ly led to a highly prosperous­ phase for Siliconix that continues up to today. With Westinghou­se withdrawin­g from the high-tech market in the late '80's and giving up their majority shareholdi­ng in Siliconix,­ Peter was instrument­al in bringing in Daimler Benz as new majority shareholde­r. Given his success in Silicon Valley, Daimler Benz asked Peter to take over as CEO of Telefunken­ Semiconduc­tors in Germany and in addition lead the entire marketing activities­ of the Temic Group consisting­ of Siliconix,­ Telefunken­, Matra MHS, Eurosil, and Dialog. After four highly successful­ years in Germany, Peter decided to move back to Silicon Valley and joined a team of RF Engineers around Gideon Ben-Efraim­ to form Netro Corporatio­n. Here he was in charge of all sales and marketing activities­ and build both a top team and a worldwide market presence for the young company. Netro went public in August 1999 and is considered­ the leader in wireless fixed access.."  

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