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New stock target price 22 $

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10.08.09 04:42 #1  Robot
New stock target price 22 $

As can be seen in the chart graphics ING stock price just crossed the EMA 200 line upwards, while almost simultanue­sly the EMA 200 line changed direction from downward to upwards. Since this line indicates the long term trend its rather probable that the stockprice­ will be carried up at least to about 22 $ which is still less than 50 % of the 2007 highs. Q2 Results moreover is expected to have strongly increased and ING is expected to refund government­ soon as published by Merryl Lynch Analysts just few days ago.

I predicted the turn of the EMA 200 already about 2 weeks ago in this forum.


31.08.09 21:41 #2  Robot
20000 Call Contracts on ING Groep BP 20 US$

Attention 20000 . on 30 Aug 2009 there was a 50 to 100 times bigger deal for  CALL Options om ING Shares  with Base Price 14 Euro  1:1  terminatin­g on March 2010. My conclusion­ is that the one who invest that much expects the shares to run definitely­ higher than 15 Euro because Option price is 0,54 Euro per Call Option  change ratio is 1:1  so its only a deal if the final share price is  around 15 Euro or higher. This resembles exactly the 22 US $ i forcast as next  share price target. after the share reached the 15 $ in just a 2 or 3 months  the 22 $ can also be reached in maybe the double time  lets say 5 or 6 months this is right before the calls terminatin­g. Hm i really wonder who invest such a lot of money . If i am right a contract is equivalent­ to 100000 Euro or 100000 Shares hm i erad this for Futer and other equity options but im not 100% sure this is correct.  But i saw normal number of sold contracts is only 100 to 1000 contracts per day for ING. 20000 contracts is extraordin­aryly high.

Anybody who can check and explain it better or correct me if i misinterop­reted is welcome.


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