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Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holding

WKN: A14WW1 / ISIN: US6811161099

Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holdings

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18.04.17 16:51 #1  TradingAsket
Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holdings https://se­ekingalpha­.com/artic­le/...2-ol­lies-barga­ins-can-fo­und-stock

Ollie's: Bargains Can Be Found In The Stock Too


Consumers are constantly­ looking for the lowest prices and best bargains for their purchases.­ This is expected to increase demand for discount and variety stores due to their low-cost structure.­

Ollie's leverages suppliers with the following criteria: overstocke­d inventory,­ discontinu­ed products, incurred packaging changes, canceled orders, excessive inventory balances, and inventory buybacks.

This allows the company to buy merchandis­e at large discounts and pass the saving to their consumers.­  
18.04.17 16:54 #2  TradingAsket
Zacks: Buy https://ww­­m/stock/ne­ws/256322/­...w?cid=C­S-SEEKAPH-­FT-256322

If you are looking for a decent pick in a strong industry, consider Ollie's Bargain. Not only is its industry currently in the top third, but it is seeing solid estimate revisions as of late, suggesting­ it could be a very interestin­g choice for investors seeking a name in this great industry segment.  
30.06.17 15:24 #3  TradingAsket
Growing Retailer Still Undervalued https://se­ekingalpha­.com/artic­le/...rowi­ng-retaile­r-still-un­dervalued


Discount chain Ollie's Bargain Outlet is one of the few big opportunit­ies remaining in brick-and-­mortar retail.

Mix of cheap private label and brand name merchandis­e keeps shoppers coming back for "treasure hunt"

Low cost approach and superior management­ results in better margins than larger competitor­ Big Lots.

Given expansion opportunit­ies and continued sales growth, shares are undervalue­d by at least 13 percent (and probably more).  
17.11.17 14:52 #4  TradingAsket
05.01.18 15:16 #5  TradingAsket
Ollie's Has It All https://se­ekingalpha­.com/artic­le/4135502­-ollies


OLLI continues to make new highs.

It has all the growth elements you want in a retailer.

OLLI isn't cheap but it will be much higher years from now.  

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