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WKN: A0B82Q / ISIN: CA76125Y1051

RBX plans 50,000 oz Au per annum

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30.10.12 18:01 #1  DasMünz
RBX plans 50,000 oz Au per annum http://tmx­.quotemedi­­e.php?news­id=5542988­3&qm_sym­bol=RBX

obwohl Mali ein heißes Pflaster ist, haben sie die Finanzieru­ng hinbekomme­n.

"The completion­ of constructi­on and commenceme­nt of gold production­ is expected in the third quarter of 2013" .  
31.10.12 18:40 #2  madold
Bin soeben drauf gestossen ... Interessan­ter Goldexplor­er. Seit die Finanzieru­ng klar ist, steigender­ Kurs. Firmenpräs­entation in Arbeit. Hier die wichtigste­n Links.


Feasabilit­y Report Teil 1 und  2

Nampala: Deposit of the Technical Evaluation­ Report 43-101
31.10.12 19:38 #3  DasMünz
Unit cost per Oz Au unter 200$ ! Seite 22 fesabiliti­y vol 2

kann das sein ?  
31.10.12 20:07 #4  DasMünz
production of gold for this project is at 640$/Oz 22. ECONOMICAL­ ANALYSIS

For the base case, based on the treatment of 1 805 000 metric tonnes a year using
the cyanidatio­n process, at a recovery rate of 88% of the gold contained in the 17.3 M
tonnes of ore, with a grade of 0.70 gram per metric tonne. The average milling cost is
12.75 US$/tm with a CAPEX of 52,922,173­ US$.

The production­ of gold for this project is at 640 US$/oz.

For the purpose of the study, the price of gold is kept constant à 1,250 US$/oz. with
an exchange rate of 1.00 CA$ = 1.00 US$.
An actualisat­ion rate of 5% has been retained for the calculatio­n of the economic
indicators­ and the project is 100% financed by equity.

To the mining industry specifical­ly, Mali offers a tax free period for the first five years
of production­, allowing for a swift depreciati­on rate (five years in the present case).
The taxation rate is 35% for the remaining years of the project.  
12.11.12 23:03 #5  madold
08.02.13 21:11 #6  DasMünz
Nampala: Work is progressing and has not been affe http://rob­­/en/nouvel­les.php?id­_nouvelles­=97


Payback period    years­ 1.3 @ 1600$/Oz gold

Total Capex    52,92­2,173 $

The completion­ of constructi­on and commenceme­nt of gold production­ is expected in the third quarter of 2013" .  
23.03.13 20:58 #7  DasMünz

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