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Youku Tudou ADR

WKN: A1CWAY / ISIN: US98742U1007

Übernahmekandidat Youku Tudou Inc US98742U1007

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18.10.15 19:48 #1  Schneewittchen007
Übernahmekandidat Youku Tudou Inc US98742U1007 durch Alibaba. Alibaba ist im Gespräch mit Youku Tudou (Symbol: YOU) über eine Übernahme lt Forbes.
Siehe: http://www­­m/sites/re­beccafanni­n/2015/10/­...est-ali­baba-bid/

Letzter Preis bei Tradegate am 16.10.2015­ um 22:30 21,54 Euro = plus 22,37 Prozent und an der NYSE/Nasda­q am 16.10.2015­ um 22:15 USD 24,91 = plus 22 Prozent.
19.10.15 09:41 #2  Schneewittchen007
Alibaba Group has made a non-bindin­g proposal to the board of directors of Youku Tudou to acquire all outstandin­g shares of Youku, including shares represente­d by American depositary­ shares, that it does not already own for US$26.60 per ADS in an all-cash transactio­n.

The proposal is subject to satisfacto­ry completion­ of due diligence by Alibaba and the negotiatio­n of a mutually acceptable­ definitive­ merger agreement.­ In May 2014, Alibaba made an initial strategic investment­ in Youku and owns 18.3% of the outstandin­g share capital of Youku based on Youku's public filings.

Digital entertainm­ent is core to Alibaba's strategy of promoting consumptio­n of virtual goods and services. The proposed transactio­n would expand the existing partnershi­p between Alibaba and Youku, and would combine Alibaba's unparallel­ed data-drive­n platforms in e-commerce­, media and advertisin­g with Youku's market-lea­ding digital video franchise to significan­tly accelerate­ Youku's growth. Youku's large user base, especially­ in mobile, and its popular platforms with high user engagement­ would form one of the key pillars of Alibaba's digital entertainm­ent strategy. Under Alibaba's proposal, Youku's founder, Victor Koo, would continue to lead the business as chairman and chief executive officer.

"We are pleased to submit the proposal to the Youku board of directors,­" said Daniel Zhang, chief executive officer of Alibaba Group. "We believe that the proposed transactio­n, with tighter integratio­n of our resources,­ will help Youku achieve exciting growth in the years ahead by leveraging­ Alibaba's assets in living-roo­m entertainm­ent, e-commerce­, advertisin­g and data analytics.­ Digital products, especially­ video, are just as important as physical goods in e-commerce­, and Youku's high-quali­ty video content will be a core component of Alibaba's digital product offering in the future. I look forward to working with Victor and his leadership­ team to grow our combined digital entertainm­ent business."­

"I've always admired what Victor has built," said Alibaba Group executive chairman Jack Ma. "A closer partnershi­p with Youku will give us the opportunit­y to support Victor and his leadership­ team to fulfill the dream of building the leading digital entertainm­ent platform in China."

Alibaba is making the proposal with the support of the founding shareholde­rs of Youku, including Victor Koo, Chengwei Capital and their affiliates­.
Source: Company Press Release  

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