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Azincourt Energy

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Azincourt vor dem Worst Case?

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02.04.15 14:08 #1  ROBS2000
Azincourt vor dem Worst Case? Hallo liebe Mitaktionä­re,

ich versuche ja immer Kontakt mit Ted O.Connor zu halten jedoch nicht immer leicht. Aktuell habe ich ihn angeschrie­ben warum es keine Bohrnews oder Statement seitens der Firma gibt Ich habe ihm auch darauf hingewiese­n das es auf keiner deutschen Plattform aktuelles gibt. Letzter Stand ist das Roll Back das uns alle viel Geld gekostet hat.

Der Rollback wurde gemacht um an der Canadian Exchange gelistet zu werden und mögliche Investoren­ anzuziehen­. Er wies mich auch darauf hin das es heutzutage­ nicht leicht ist Investoren­ für so eine junge Firma zu finden.

Er gibt sein bestes schrieb er.

Derzeit warte ich auf Antwort von Ihm. Wer investiert­ ist am besten auch an die Info Email von azincourur­ schreiben.­

Solltet ihr was aktuelles wissen nur her damit.

Die Zahlen 2014 sind auf deren HP einsehbar.­  
21.04.15 12:05 #2  ROBS2000
am Uranpreis liegts nicht Tageshoch 36,95
52 W. Tief 28,30
52 W. Hoch 44,00  
23.04.15 22:39 #3  ROBS2000
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23.04.15 22:40 #4  ROBS2000
die Antwort von CEO von Azincourt There has been no news to report, as no work was able to be done this winter. We tried unsuccessf­ully to finance for the PLN project work in late 2014 and early 2015 and there was no interest – even with the 4:1 share consolidat­ion.

We are in the midst of trying to work out where we are going with Azincourt.­

It is clear we cannot finance the remaining Year 2 ($1.4M) and the Option payment without suffering sever dilution. We are discussing­ our options internally­ and with our partner, Fission 3, to chart our future. The Patterson Lake North project merits are great, but at least for Azincourt,­ it has fallen on deaf ears in the investing community for the most part.

In this Uranium market the joint venture deal we inherited with Fission is extremely onerous. Before November 2014, it looked like we could do it, and tried to finance, but everything­ dried up heading into 2015.

We have some decent other projects that we are looking at with far less funding commitment­s, but they all require funding to some extent.‎ More to come on how we plan to weather this.

We have altogether­ stopped spending to keep afloat, and we do have some small funding options available,­ but need something else to excite people again.

Apologies for delayed reply, but our course has yet to be charted‎.

It has been an unfortunat­e turn of events, and I apologize for you feeling that you are in the dark. We are really not able to say much more at this point, but we are working on how the company proceeds, and will announce things as they evolve.



Ted O’Connor

CEO, President & Director

Azincourt Uranium Inc.

Suite 800, 789 West Pender St

Vancouver,­ BC, Canada  V6C 1H2  
23.04.15 22:58 #5  ROBS2000
Mein Schreiben an den CEO Hi Ted,

as it looks right now from at Agincourt?­ There is nowhere News, and have invested the German investors rant on all cylinders.­ German Proverb.

Please send us news about the state of things, finding investors,­ which have made her holes provided.

Prefer not to say it can include the need to close her soon.

I have over......­..........­......and put trust in you. Due to the 5: 1 exchange I have massive losses suffered, not least because of the low price now.

I hope a quick response from you / to get you.

As the saying goes, are currently available to investors in the woods and know nothing.

I hope you rocking horse.

Best regards and have a nice day  
23.04.15 23:13 #6  Chalifmann3
warum hast du nach dem Desaster bei Forsys Metals (FSY.TO) überhaupt diese aktie hier gekauft ?? Hätt ich doch nie gemacht ......

24.04.15 08:17 #7  ROBS2000
wie es bei mir steht früh übt sich.....

gehe jetzt dann raus bringt eh nix mehr.  
24.04.15 09:30 #8  ROBS2000
bin raus.... ohne Worte  

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