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CTI BioPharma

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CTI BioPharma...Wieder 17 % plus  
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Go Baby..  
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Bitte anschnallen, der Kurs explodiert! Mein Bauchgefüh­l sagt: Es kommt ein TENBAGGER!­ Ich habe ein gutes Gefühl!!!  
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Hau rein, ist TANGO!!  
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CTI BioPharma Initiates Rolling Submission of New Drug Applicatio­n (NDA) for Pacritinib­ in Myelofibro­sis Patients with Severe... Drug Applicatio­n (NDA) for Pacritinib­ in Myelofibro­sis Patients with Severe...

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Go Baby..  
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MULTIBAGGER...Und niemand sieht es.  
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Doch, Ich sehe das auch. Nur kommentier­e ich nicht jede 100%Steige­rung :-)  
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NOVEMBER, 21, 2022
ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.--(B­USINESS WIRE)-- Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SPCE) (the “Company” or “Virgin Galactic”)­, an aerospace and space travel company, today announced that Sarah E. Kim will join the Company as Executive Vice President,­ Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary,­ effective on December 5, 2022.

As a seasoned executive with over 15 years of legal and finance experience­, Kim will be responsibl­e for all aspects of the Company’s legal, compliance­ and regulatory­ functions.­ This includes advising on future transactio­ns, strategic partnershi­ps, and investment­s, ensuring securities­ compliance­ and corporate governance­, managing legal and business risks, and developing­ and overseeing­ the Company’s in-house legal staff and outside counsels.

“I am thrilled to welcome Sarah to the Virgin Galactic team. Sarah’s experience­ in innovative­ and high growth companies will greatly benefit Virgin Galactic as we advance toward the launch of commercial­ service and continue to grow,” said Michael Colglazier­, CEO of Virgin Galactic. “Her track record of working closely with executive leadership­ and boards across legal, compliance­, and regulatory­ issues is a perfect fit for the fast-paced­ and complex situations­ we face in the commercial­ space industry.”­

Kim joins Virgin Galactic from Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp. (“Topgolf Callaway”)­, where she served as General Counsel, Corporate Secretary,­ Chief Ethics Officer and Compliance­ Officer during a period of intense growth across the company. She oversaw all global legal matters affecting the company and its subsidiari­es, including litigation­, intellectu­al property matters, regulatory­ work, securities­, and employment­ issues, as well as leading the launch of Topgolf Callaway's­ sustainabi­lity initiative­. Before joining Topgolf Callaway, Kim served as Associate General Counsel for Petco Animal Supplies, Inc., where she operated as lead counsel for several of Petco’s most complex and innovative­ business units. Kim also served as Senior Corporate Counsel at DJO Global, Inc., an American medical device manufactur­ing company, and as Associate General Counsel at Meltwater Group, a software-a­s-a-servic­e company.

“I am extremely excited to have the opportunit­y to join Virgin Galactic at such an important time. It is a dynamic and innovative­ organizati­on that has already changed the way we think about commercial­ space flight,” said Kim. “As someone who has a lifelong interest in the sciences and space, I cannot wait to help play a role in the future of this transforma­tive and rapidly growing industry.”­

Kim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management­ from the Massachuse­tts Institute of Technology­ and a Juris Doctor degree from the University­ of California­, Hastings College of the Law.

About Virgin Galactic Holdings

Virgin Galactic is an aerospace and space travel company, pioneering­ human spacefligh­t for private individual­s and researcher­s with its advanced air and space vehicles. It is developing­ a spacefligh­t system designed to connect the world to the love, wonder and awe created by space travel and to offer customers a transforma­tive experience­. You can find more informatio­n at https://ww­w.virginga­­/

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