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Telekom Austria

WKN: 588811 / ISIN: AT0000720008

Telekom Austria Aktie: Ganz ruhig bleiben!

01.12.23 10:11

Telekom Austria's Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates that the stock is considered to be "oversold" with a value of 22.66. The RSI25, which measures the stock's movements over a 25-day period, is at 54, indicating a "neutral" situation. Overall, the RSI category is rated as "good."

In terms of the stock's performance compared to others in the telecommunications sector, Telekom Austria has outperformed the average by 14.38%, with a return of 19.71% in the past year. The average annual return for stocks in the same industry is 4.91%, and Telekom Austria is currently 14.81% above this average. Therefore, the stock's performance in this category is rated as "good."

There have been no significant changes in sentiment or communication frequency regarding Telekom Austria in social media over the past four weeks. Consequently, the sentiment and buzz category is rated as "neutral."

Telekom Austria's dividend yield is 4.64%, which is lower than the industry average of 6.2%. Compared to other stocks in the "diversified telecommunications services" industry, the difference is -1%. As a result, the stock receives a "poor" rating in this category.

Sollten Telekom Austria Anleger sofort verkaufen? Oder lohnt sich doch der Einstieg?

Wie wird sich Telekom Austria jetzt weiter entwickeln? Lohnt sich ein Einstieg oder sollten Anleger lieber verkaufen? Die Antworten auf diese Fragen und warum Sie jetzt handeln müssen, erfahren Sie in der aktuellen Telekom Austria-Analyse.

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