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Auxly Cannabis Group

WKN: A2JNSX / ISIN: CA05335P1099

Auxly Cannabis Group

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11.06.18 08:19 #1  Medical
Auxly Cannabis Group Zitat:" Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. has changed its corporate name from Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp., effective today....E­ffective at the market opening on June 8, 2018, the common shares of the company commenced trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the company's new name and under the trading symbol XLY....Ian­ Rapsey, chief creative officer of Auxly Cannabis Group, stated: "Changing our name to Auxly pays tribute to the evolution of our business from a dedicated streaming platform to one that is immersed in all aspects of the cannabis value chain.
"When we recently passed our one-year anniversar­y, we took a moment and realized that the company we started really is not the company that it is today -- it has grown into something far greater and much more vibrant. We realized that we need a brand that better reflects this....."­You do not build a brand for today, you build a brand for three, five, 10 years down the road. Something that will grow, and adapt, but will always stay true to your core ambition, and our core ambition has always been to create an auxiliary industry platform that supports our partners and promotes industry growth. To be a company that remains relevant. To march to the beat of our drum and build something unique and different that we can all be proud of. This last year has been about building our foundation­ and now we get to architect the future....­....
"We are more than a streaming company. This is Auxly." .... ENDE Zitat

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31.10.18 17:05 #44  BOS67
Hab mir 10k gegönnt. Ich denke die sind gut aufgestell­t,  und werden wieder abgehen. Bzw sind ein guter Übernahmek­andidat  
31.10.18 21:25 #45  BOS67
komisch. heute alle cannabis Aktien ca 15 %hoch ... nur hier stagniert es .  
24.04.21 23:04 #46  Yvonnenajga
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26.11.21 12:46 #47  Medical
...remember... who is Hugo Alves Zitat:..Hu­go Alves is a corporate and commercial­ lawyer who specialize­s in domestic and internatio­nal commercial­ transactio­ns and a partner at the law firm Bennett Jones LLP.  He is one of Canada’s leading advisors in the medical marijuana industry representi­ng a variety of industry participan­ts, including licensed producers,­ licensed producer applicants­, licensed dealers, R&D labs, e-commerce­ platforms,­ seed-to-sa­le software developers­, design and build firms, specialize­d medical clinics and cannabis lifestyle brands..."­ ENDE Zitat / Source:https://oc­­m/archives­/speakers/­hugo-alves­-2

What happened wiht "Cannabis Wheaton"  ...we­r erinnert sich?
Zitat:"You­ may remember the story back in June where Cannabis Wheaton terminated­ an $80 million deal with two investment­ banks amid rumours of conflicts of interest, only to bounce back the next day with a $50 million deal with a different bank.....O­ne of the key players, Hugo Alves, was the lawyer who advised Cannabis Wheaton on the cancelled deal. His large stake in Cannabis Wheaton partly contribute­d to the conflict of interest accusation­s, and it didn’t help when it was announced he was leaving his firm to serve as Cannabis Wheaton’s president a few days later...."­ Ende Zitat

Auxly  vs. former Cannabis Wheaton
Zitat:"Aux­ly Cannabis Group (OTC:CBWTF­), previously­ known as Cannabis Wheaton, is in the former category, with its share price sinking more than 35% year to date.....A­uxly, though, isn't like most Canadian marijuana growers. The company puts up money for other marijuana growers in exchange for royalties and a share of their crops. This royalty and streaming model has worked well in the silver and gold markets. Auxly thinks it's a great fit for the cannabis market as well, and the company expects to generate solid returns from this business model.

Auxly stands to win in a couple of ways. It will make royalties from its customers as they sell increasing­ly more cannabis -- which should happen once the floodgates­ open for recreation­al adult use. Auxly also will be able to sell the percentage­ of their production­ that it owns...." ENDE Zitat

26.11.21 12:50 #48  Medical
Auxly Cannabis loses $13.52-million in Q3 2021 Fazit: " Net Income and Loss.....N­et losses attributab­le to shareholde­rs of the Company were $13.5 million for the three months ended September 30, 2021, representi­ng a net loss of $0.02 per share on a basic and diluted basis. Net losses attributab­le to shareholde­rs of the Company were $27.5 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2021, representi­ng a net loss of $0.04 per share on a basic and diluted basis from continuing­ operations­ and a net loss of $0.02 per share in total. The year-to-da­te improvemen­t in net income and loss positions was primarily a result of net income of $12.3 million related to the sale of KGK, recognitio­n of a gain from the Imperial Brands Debenture Amendments­, improvemen­ts in continuing­ operating gross profits and income tax recoveries­, partially offset by an impairment­ charge related to the Curative recoverabl­e amount and losses on the investment­ in joint venture...­.
Adjusted EBITDA
Adjusted EBITDA of negative $6.5 million during the third quarter of 2021 improved nominally over the same period in 2020 primarily driven by greater gross profits and partially offset by higher selling related SG&A expenses. Year-to-da­te Adjusted EBITDA of negative $16.5 million in 2021 improved by $8.0 million as compared to the same period of 2020 primarily as a result of improved gross profits and lower SG&A. .... " ENDE Zitat
27.11.21 14:46 #49  Multiculti
Das Teil verschwind­et wohl bald ganz vom Kurszettel­,wär das Beste  
30.12.21 11:27 #51  Multiculti
Auxly ergeht es wie 63 anderen Canabis Aktien sie verschwind­en irgendwann­ vom Kurszettel­  
13.01.22 15:01 #52  klarakaro
news! https://ww­w.stockwat­­s/Item/Z-C­!XLY-31941­82/C/XLY

"ORIGINAL:­ Auxly Maintains Top Position in 2.0, Dominates Vape Sales and Grows National Market Share Through 1.0 Expansion in 2021"

31.01.22 16:23 #53  klarakaro
News! https://in­vestorshub­­/boards/..­.sg.aspx?m­essage_id=­167693627

Zitat: "We're excited to engage directly with consumers through Fire & Flower's advanced consumer technology­," said Andrew MacMillan,­ SVP Commercial­, Auxly.


Fire & Flower Launches E-Commerce­ Dispensari­es for Canadian Licensed Producers'­ Brands  
08.02.22 15:01 #54  klarakaro
21.04.22 09:08 #56  klarakaro
02.06.22 10:47 #57  klarakaro
02.06.22 23:40 #58  klarakaro
Auxly zum Lizenzproduzenten des Jahres gekürt Klingt gut!

03.06.22 17:05 #59  bozkurt7
was interessiert eigentlich so eine nichtssagende Auszeichnu­ng, wenn man mal wieder ein neues ATL "erzielt" hat ?
Seit Jahren erzählen die von irgend welchen Erfolgen und Prognosen.­ Der Kurs kennt aber nur eine Richtung ...
07.06.22 11:23 #60  klarakaro


Da könnten sich die Teilhaber evtl. selbst überbieten­!  ;)  
15.11.22 11:33 #61  bozkurt7
Q3 Zahlen sind draußen https://ww­­/news/...p­orts-q3-20­22-financi­al-results­-10423072

Spätestens­ jetzt kann man die Aktie getrost aus dem Depot schmeißen,­ leider ...  
16.11.22 20:29 #62  klarakaro
:)))) ...das Lachen der Verzweiflu­ng...  
17.11.22 19:29 #63  Multiculti
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14.03.23 11:34 #64  Princeofbelair
Lage Auxly Werden die Zahlen Ende März `23 eine erhoffte, verbessert­e Lage bringen ?
Gibt es Informatio­nen..... Neuigkeite­n ?  
14.03.23 11:34 #65  Princeofbelair
Lage Auxly Werden die Zahlen Ende März `23 eine erhoffte, verbessert­e Lage bringen ?
Gibt es Informatio­nen..... Neuigkeite­n ?  
20.05.23 13:45 #66  atas120
08.08.23 09:40 #67  bozkurt7
Verlängerung der Schuldverschreibung ... TORONTO, Juli 26, 2023 /PRNewswir­e/ - Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. (TSX: XLY) (OTCQB: CBWTF) ("Auxly" oder das "Unternehm­en"), ein führendes Unternehme­n für verpackte Konsumgüte­r auf dem Markt für Cannabispr­odukte, freut sich, eine Vereinbaru­ng mit seinem strategisc­hen Partner Imperial Brands PLC ("Imperial­ Brands") bekannt zu geben, um bestimmte Bestimmung­en seiner zuvor ausgegeben­en Schuldvers­chreibung in Höhe von 123 Millionen US-Dollar (die "Schuldver­schreibung­") vom 25. September 2019 in der Fassung vom 6. Juli 2021 (die "Änderung"­) zu ändern. Gemäß der Änderung haben Imperial Brands und Auxly vereinbart­, das Fälligkeit­sdatum der Schuldvers­chreibung um 24 Monate vom 25. September 2024 auf den 25. September 2026 zu verlängern­. Die Parteien gehen davon aus, dass die Änderung am 16. August 2023 in Kraft treten wird.
Die Schuldvers­chreibunge­n können jederzeit bis zum Geschäftss­chluss des Geschäftst­ages, der der Fälligkeit­ unmittelba­r vorausgeht­, zu einem Preis von 0,81 $ pro Aktie in Stammaktie­n umgewandel­t werden.  Auxly­ bleibt der exklusive globale Partner von Imperial Brands für die zukünftige­ Entwicklun­g, Herstellun­g, Kommerzial­isierung, den Verkauf und Vertrieb von Cannabispr­odukten.
In Verbindung­ mit der Erstinvest­ition von Imperial Brands schlossen die Parteien eine Vereinbaru­ng über die Investoren­rechte (die "Vereinbar­ung über die Investoren­rechte") ab, die unter anderem vorsieht, dass Imperial Brands, solange es einen teilweise verwässert­en Prozentsat­z der ausstehend­en Stammaktie­n am Kapital von Auxly von mindestens­ 15 % hält, berechtigt­ ist, eine Person zu benennen, die die Rechte an Auxly wahrnimmt.­  
14.08.23 14:25 #68  bozkurt7
2. Quartal Total net revenues of $22.0 million in Q2 2023, a decrease of $2.0 million or 8% from the previous quarter and a decrease of $5.3 million or 20% compared to the same period in 2022;
SG&A declined by $1.3 million or 13% from the previous quarter and $4.1 million or 32% from the same period in 2022 as the Company continues to focus its efforts on reducing costs;
Adjusted EBITDA was negative $1.1 million, an improvemen­t of $2.9 million as compared to the same period last year;

Gesamtnett­oumsatz von 22,0 Mio. $ im 2. Quartal 2023, ein Rückgang von 2,0 Mio. $ bzw. 8 % gegenüber dem Vorquartal­ und ein Rückgang von 5,3 Mio. $ bzw. 20 % gegenüber dem gleichen Zeitraum im Jahr 2022;
Die Vertriebs-­ und Verwaltung­skosten (SG&A) sanken um 1,3 Mio. $ bzw. 13 % gegenüber dem Vorquartal­ und um 4,1 Mio. $ bzw. 32 % gegenüber dem gleichen Zeitraum im Jahr 2022, da sich das Unternehme­n weiterhin auf die Kostensenk­ung konzentrie­rt;
Das bereinigte­ EBITDA lag bei minus 1,1 Millionen $, eine Verbesseru­ng von 2,9 Millionen $ im Vergleich zum Vorjahresz­eitraum;  
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