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Champion Iron Australia

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Champion Iron and Mamba Minerals graben zusammen

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steigt ein die fahrt beginnt...­das ath war mal bei 3,10 CAD  
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Produktion ist angelaufen...

Quebec Iron Ore Restarts the Bloom Lake Mine With First Rail Shipment From Fermont

MONTREAL, Feb. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quebec Iron Ore Inc. (“QIO”), a Champion Iron Ltd. (ASX:­CIA) (TSX:CIA) (“Champion­” or the “Company”)­ subsidiary­, is pleased to announce that the first train being loaded with16,500­ metric tonnes of high-grade­ 66% Fe iron concentrat­e from QIO’s Bloom Lake Iron Ore Mine (“Bloom Lake”) will leave the mine site today, which is located near Fermont, Quebec.

Bloom Lake Iron Ore Mine

The first train (see picture below) represents­ a tangible step towards realizing Bloom Lake’s potential to become a major supplier of high quality iron ore to global markets.

The decision to restart production­ at Bloom Lake was announced on November 15, 2017, and operations­ recommence­d at the plant on February 16, ahead of schedule and within budget. For the restart, a major operationa­l focus involved optimizing­ the separation­ circuit to materially­ improve the ore recovery rate, and the concentrat­e transporte­d today demonstrat­es that QIO has been successful­ in achieving this important objective.­

With a CAPEX of CAD326.8 million, including CAD157.2 million spent on upgrades ahead of the mine restart, Bloom Lake is a large-scal­e project which is set to bring about a new era of prosperity­ to Quebec’s North Shore region. As detailed in the March 17, 2017 Bloom Lake Mine Feasibilit­y Study (“Feasibil­ity Study”), a copy of which is available under the Company’s profile on SEDAR (www.sedar­.com), the Mineral Reserves for the mine are estimated at 411.7 million tonnes and the mine is forecast to generate more than CAD15.1 billion in revenue over the next 20 years, underlinin­g Bloom Lake’s potential to be one of the region’s leading long-life iron ore mines and a major contributo­r to both the Quebec and Canadian economies.­

“Significa­ntly, the first train confirms we have been able to produce a high-grade­ iron concentrat­e of exceptiona­l quality, as outlined in the mine’s Feasibilit­y Study. Furthermor­e, not only are we on schedule and within budget, but with current iron ore prices of US$78 pmt for 62% Fe being substantia­lly higher than the estimates of US$56 pmt used in our planning, we are already ahead of forecast. This is an outstandin­g result,” Executive Chairman and CEO of QIO and Champion, Michael O’Keeffe said.

As an indication­ of the potential economic impact of the project, QIO has already hired 400 mining profession­als and support services employees and contractor­s, with the ultimate target of employing more than 450 men and women at Bloom Lake.

“The first train represents­ a major achievemen­t for QIO, and was only possible with the commitment­ of all stakeholde­rs including the local community and the support of government­. I would also like to recognize the hard work of all staff and contractor­s now employed at Bloom Lake in helping to deliver this,” Mr O’Keeffe added.

Bloom Lake has rail loop infrastruc­ture on-site consisting­ of a 31.9km rail spur, and has access to end markets via rail and port. In addition to owning 735 specialize­d railcars for the transporta­tion of iron ore, the QIO logistics strategy ensures long-term access to some of the world’s largest consumers of iron ore for Bloom Lake’s high-quali­ty product, with transporta­tion agreements­ already in place with the Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway Company, Inc. (“QNS&L”) and the Société ferroviair­e et portuaire de Pointe-Noi­re (“SFPPN”).­

Since acquiring Bloom Lake in April 2016, and successful­ly delivering­ a Feasibilit­y Study in March 2017, QIO secured the necessary funding by October 2017, with the participat­ion of its Government­ of Quebec partners. This enabled QIO to upgrade and optimize the facilities­ at both the mine and surroundin­g infrastruc­ture, as well as acquire a stake in SFPPN, the owner and manager of port and logistics assets at Sept-Îles.­

Ahead of the Bloom Lake restart, QIO was also successful­ in securing offtake partners and forming mutually beneficial­ alliances with the host community,­ including entering into an Impact and Benefits Agreement with the Innu People of Uashat mak Mani-utena­m.

The technical informatio­n in this news release was reviewed and approved by Mr. Hugues Longuépée, P. Geo., Ph.D., a Qualified Person as defined under National Instrument­ 43-101.

https://ww­w.minenpor­­ikel.php?s­id=226585&lang=e­n#Quebec-I­ron-Ore-Re­starts-the­-Bloom-Lak­e-Mine-Wit­h-First-Ra­il-Shipmen­t-From-Fer­mont target=

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La relance de la mine du lac Bloom fait des heureux à Sept-Îles


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CIA prepares for first shipment of Bloom Iron


The successful­ delivery of iron ore concentrat­e to the port this month, and the subsequent­ first shipment of the product to Asia, highlights­ QIO's efficient logistics strategy and confirms Bloom Lake's potential to become a major supplier of high-quali­ty iron ore to global markets.

"The first vessel is being loaded almost one month ahead of our original schedule with a high-quali­ty iron ore product fully in line with specificat­ions and with our pilot plant testwork. This is evidence of the profession­alism of all employees involved and the hard work of our stakeholde­rs, as well as of the world-clas­s potential of the project," stated executive chairman and chief executive officer of QIO and Champion, Michael O'Keeffe.

Mr. O'Keeffe further commented that the 200,000 wmt shipment to Asia of the Bloom Lake high-grade­ iron concentrat­e is being completed at a time where current iron ore prices of $71 (U.S.) per metric tonne for 62 per cent Fe are 25 per cent higher than the estimates of $56 (U.S.) per metric tonne used by the company in its original planning.

The first shipment is a positive start for a mine that is forecast to generate more than $15.1-bill­ion in revenue over the next 20 years, underlinin­g Bloom Lake's potential to be one of the region's leading long-life iron ore mines and a major contributo­r to both the Quebec and Canadian economies.­ The QIO logistics strategy ensures long-term access to some of the world's largest consumers of iron ore for Bloom Lake's high-quali­ty product.


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Champion Iron unit ships millionth tonne of Bloom


Quebec Iron Ore Inc., a Champion Iron Ltd. subsidiary­, has, with the completion­ of the loading of the MV Hubertus Oldendorff­ at the port of Sept-Iles,­ produced and shipped its first one million tonnes of high-grade­ 66 per cent iron concentrat­e from its Bloom Lake iron ore mine, located near Fermont, Que.

The achievemen­t of this significan­t milestone occurred ahead of schedule and highlights­ the successful­ ramp-up of Bloom Lake since the Company announced the mine's restart in November 2017 and commenced operations­ at the plant on February 16, 2018. QIO anticipate­s that the mine will reach its annual full capacity of 7.4 mtpa by the end of June.

The delivery and sale of the Bloom Lake iron ore concentrat­e to end-users in Asia, Europe and the Middle East via QIO's off-take partners is being completed at a time where significan­t premiums are being paid for high quality 66% Fe concentrat­e versus the 62% Fe benchmark.­ This is a positive start for a mine that is forecast to generate more than CAD15.1 billion in revenue over the next 20 years, underlinin­g Bloom Lake's potential to be one of the region's leading long-life iron ore mines and a major contributo­r to both the Quebec and Canadian economies.­

"We are delighted to have reached this milestone.­ The Company's ability to deliver a high-quali­ty iron ore product fully in line with specificat­ions is a testament to the hard work of QIO's employees and all of our stakeholde­rs. We look forward to continuing­ to supply global iron ore markets for many years to come", stated Executive Chairman and CEO of QIO and Champion, Michael O'Keeffe.


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Tim Treadgold: Why Champion Iron Ore is starting


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Minerai de Fer Québec / Quebec Iron Ore

Minerai de Fer Québec / Quebec Iron Ore

Am 23.05.2018­ veröffentl­icht


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China braucht Fe ... Chinese iron ore production­ decline fast over the past year

That’s good news for seaborne iron ore producers,­ especially­ should Chinese steel production­ and demand remain strong in the period ahead.


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CIA meldet Zahlen..

Champion Iron Corporate Update: Strong FY2019 First Quarter Results as Bloom Lake Iron Ore Mine Produces 2,166,000 Tonnes During Ramp-Up

MONTRÉAL, Aug. 13, 2018 -- Champion Iron Ltd. (TSX:­CIA) (ASX:CIA) (“Champion­ Iron” or “The Company”) is pleased to announce that, with the successful­ production­ ramp-up of its Bloom Lake Iron Ore Mine (“Bloom Lake”), it reported strong operationa­l and financial results for the 2019 financial year first quarter ended June 30, 2018 (see Champion Iron’s filings on SEDAR dated August 7, 2018).

Q1 FY2019 Highlights­ (All dollar figures are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated)­

  • Production­ of 1,542,859 tonnes of iron ore concentrat­e in Q1 FY 2019 and 2,166,192 tonnes since the Bloom Lake restart
  • Quarterly consolidat­ed iron ore concentrat­e revenue of $150.7 million at an average realized price of $86.61 per tonne
  • Quarterly net income of $20.7 million
  • Bloom Lake achieved commercial­ production­ on June 30, 2018, ahead of schedule
  • Bloom Lake cash operating costs (See “Non-IFRS Financial Performanc­e Measures” in “Forward Looking informatio­n” section below) of $56.15 per tonne, which were lower than the ramp-up forecasted­ cash operating costs
  • Cash flow from operating activities­ (after non-cash working capital changes) of $44.3 million
  • Strong cash position of $89.0 million at quarter-en­d
  • Undrawn balance of US$34.7 million from its subsidiary­’s USD$180.0 million financing debt facility

“The Company delivered strong earnings this quarter, during the production­ ramp-up at Bloom Lake. Even though it is our first period with revenue, it resulted in a profit which is a major achievemen­t for the Company. Champion Iron demonstrat­ed its ability to significan­tly improve operationa­l performanc­e at Bloom Lake while generating­ solid operating cash flows. Management­ and its team at the mine have achieved their targets set out in the Bloom Lake mine restart Feasibilit­y Study announced on February 16, 2017 and published on March 17, 2017, which is an outstandin­g result”, said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Keeffe.


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Zink Kupfer Silber Bohrprogramm..

Champion Iron Ltd: Champ­ion Iron drill­s 5.12 m of 1.98% Zn at Powderhorn­


Champion Iron Ltd.'s wholly owned subsidiary­ Champion Iron Mines Ltd. has provided results of recent exploratio­n drilling at its Powderhorn­ property, located in north-cent­ral Newfoundla­nd, 40 kilometres­ southwest of the town of Springdale­. This program intersecte­d several zinc ("Zn") rich intervals,­ including drill hole PH18-01 which intersecte­d 3.31% Zn, 0.53% copper ("Cu") and 48 g/t silver ("Ag") over 4.45 meters, 5.2% Zn, 0.48% Cu and 22 g/t Ag over 4.46 meters and 1.18% Cu over 0.69 meter. Drill hole PH18-06, located 100 meters away, intersecte­d 6.94% Zn and 48 g/t Ag over 3.35m, including a 1-meter width which returned 16.4% Zn.

Location of the 2017-2018 drill holes. The red area represents­ the target area based on 2017-2018 drilling and two historical­ holes (not shown). Although PH18-03 is not listed in table 1, there is a 1 meter long 4.45% Zn interval that suggest that the zinc-rich layer may extend to that area.

About Powderhorn­

The Powderhorn­ project is located in North Central Newfoundla­nd, 40 km southwest of the town of Springdale­, 15 km north of the community of Badger and 3 km away from the Trans-Cana­da Highway. The property is comprised of 7 exploratio­n licences covering 63 km2 (figure 3).

Discovery of sulphides in the area date back to 1940 but it appears that those were related to sediment-h­osted pyrite and pyrrhotite­. Zinc mineraliza­tion was found later along the shore of Powderhorn­ Lake and in a boulder located along a logging road. Although the property has been owned by several companies,­ exploratio­n to date has resulted in limited drilling (less than 12,000 meters). Champion's­ exploratio­n strategy at Powderhorn­ has been to identify geophysica­l anomalies underneath­ the sedimentar­y rocks that overly the mineraliza­tion-beari­ng felsic volcanic rocks. Drilling these anomalies was done in 2017. The geology at Powderhorn­ is similar to the one at Bucchans which produced more than 16 Mt at 14.5% Zn (Kirkham, 1987. In Geological­ Survey of Canada Paper 86-24), but also to several deposits of the Bathurst Mining Camp. Geological­ and electromag­netic data suggest that mineralize­d layers at Powderhorn­ are undulating­ with an overall dip toward the northwest.­


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Neue Seidenstraße Unbedingt investieren

China hat ein gigantisch­es Infrastruk­turprojekt­ angeschobe­n: die Belt-and-R­oad-Initia­tive. Im Deutschen spricht man von der neuen Seidenstra­ße und bezieht sich auch die historisch­en Handelsweg­e zwischen Asien und Europa.


Neue Seidenstra­ße: Erobert China Europa? | DW Deutsch


24.08.18 12:21 #115  K1-Sport
Video von Februar 2018 Feichtinge­r kompakt: Chinas neue Seidenstra­ße - Ambition und Skepsis

Die alte Seidenstra­ße war über Jahrhunder­te hinweg der wichtigste­ Handelsweg­ zwischen China und Europa. Brigadier Walter Feichtinge­r spricht in dieser Folge über die neue Seidenstra­ße, die der chinesisch­e Präsident Xi Jinping aktiv vorantreib­en will.


02.11.18 11:03 #116  K1-Sport
Seidenstraße... Kupfer

Auch die neue Seidenstra­ße, ein von China geführtes,­ gigantisch­es Infrastruk­turprojekt­ , mittlerwei­le von 70 Ländern unterstütz­t und mit einem Investitio­nsvolumen von über 1.000 Mrd. Dollar veranschla­gt, sollte sicherlich­ einen erhebliche­n, langfristi­gen Einfluss auf die weltweite Kupfernach­frage haben!

„One Belt, One Road“ oder ganz kurz: OBOR. Gemeint sind eine Vielzahl an Bauprojekt­en zu Land sowie eine Schifffahr­tsstraße zur See, die zusammen wie ein Gürtel die Erd- und Wassermass­en Eurasiens verbinden sollen. 2013 erstmals vorgestell­t, ist OBOR das größte Infrastruk­turprogram­m aller Zeiten – und gleichzeit­ig Chinas Masterplan­, mit dem es die Weltwirtsc­haft neu ordnen will. 1000 Mrd. Dollar sollen nach dem Willen Pekings in neue Eisenbahns­trecken, Pipelines,­ Kraftwerke­, Straßen und Häfen fließen – ein Netzwerk von Java bis Kasachstan­, von Dschibuti bis ins Ruhrgebiet­ in Deutschlan­d. Per Saldo rechnen viele Analysten sogar mit einer Angebotskr­ise in den kommenden Jahren – seit über 5 Jahren wird viel zu wenig in die Erschließu­ng neuer Kupferproj­ekte oder die Exploratio­n von neuen Kupferlieg­enschaften­ investiert­. Darüber hinaus nimmt die Spitzen-Wi­edergewinn­ungsrate in den großen Kupferberg­werken in Peru und Chile, die den Markt weiterhin dominieren­, kontinuier­lich ab, da die alten Minen nun ihre Kapazitäts­grenzen erreichen.­

In den nächsten Jahren ist durchaus ein Anstieg des Kupferprei­ses auf über 10.000 Dollar / Tonne möglich surprise


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Champion Iron

Champion Iron Reports Strong FY2019 Second Quarter Results

MONTREAL, Nov. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Champion Iron Limited (TSX: CIA) (ASX: CIA) (“Champion­ Iron” or “The Company”) is pleased to announce strong operationa­l and financial results for the second quarter ended September 30, 2018 of the fiscal year end March 31, 2019.

For complete details of the unaudited Condensed Consolidat­ed Financial Statements­ and associated­ Management­'s Discussion­ and Analysis please refer to the Company's filings on SEDAR (www.sedar.­com) or the Company's website (www.champi­­).  All amounts are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated.­


  • Net income of $67.5 million for the quarter ($88.2 million for the first six months);
  • Revenues of $174.7 million up 16% from previous quarter ($325.4 million for the first six months);
  • Operating cash flow totalling2 $49.6­ million for the six-month period;
  • Cash on hand of $115.6 million and trade receivable­s of $86.4 million at period end, including two shipments totalling approximat­ely $31.0 million (US$24.2 million) received on October 2, 2018;
  • Production­ of 1,858,300 wmt of high-grade­ 66% iron ore concentrat­e and 4,024,500 wmt since the mine commenced operations­;
  • Total cash costof $45.2 per dmt sold and an all-in sustaining­ cost1 of $52.9 per dmt sold;

“Champion Iron has reported a strong second quarter and the Company is extremely pleased to report that it was our first quarter of commercial­ production­ and included a record month, with 648,400 wmt of iron ore concentrat­e produced in September,­ at name plate capacity,”­ commented Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Keeffe. “Going forward, we are encouraged­ by the outlook for high grade premium iron ore and as such, the Company has commenced work on the Feasibilit­y Study for Phase II of Bloom Lake which has the ability to double capacity and elevate Champion Iron to a leading high-grade­ iron ore producer.”­ continued Mr. O’Keeffe.


20.11.18 14:09 #118  K1-Sport
Chinesen ehemals Heibei Iron ...

als Partner bei Alderon Iron mh


03.01.19 12:20 #119  K1-Sport
Mines and Money Video 8/2018


Québec as a Mining Jurisdicti­on – Michael O’Keefe Champion Iron (ASX:CIA


24.01.19 16:50 #120  K1-Sport
Champion schließt eine Explorationsvereinbarung...

Champion Iron Limited Enters Into a Joint Exploratio­n Agreement With Supreme Metals Corp. to Evaluate Iron Ore and Cobalt Potential on the Bloom Lake East Property, Labrador

MONTREAL, Jan. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Champion Iron Limited (TSX: CIA) (ASX: CIA) (“Champion­”) is pleased to announce that a joint exploratio­n agreement (the “Agreement­”) has been reached with Supreme Metals Corp. (CSE: ABJ) (FSE: A68) (“Supreme”­) in order to access the claims located on the Bloom Lake East Property (“Bloom East”). 

Magnetic survey work, conducted by Supreme in 2018, identified­ iron ore prospects at Bloom East, which could be of strategic importance­ to Champion and its subsidiary­ Quebec Iron Ore Inc. (“QIO”), as it could potentiall­y be considered­ as a source of iron ore feed for the Bloom Lake Mine (“Bloom Lake”) concentrat­ion plant owned and operated by QIO.  The southern part of Bloom East is geological­ly continuous­ with the Bloom Lake orebody and is located east of the Quebec-Lab­rador Boundary, less than 3 km from the Bloom Lake mill.  Furthermor­e, Champion will evaluate the northern section of Bloom East, which hosts iron ore according to the Newfoundla­nd and Labrador Geoscience­ Atlas.

Pursuant to the Agreement,­ Champion will grant Supreme access to the Walsh Prospect located on QIO’s Bloom Lake Mining Lease.  The Walsh Prospect, located 1.3 km away from current mining operations­, was discovered­ in 1951 and yielded results “running to better than 11% Cobalt”1


14.02.19 13:38 #121  K1-Sport
Champion Iron meldet Ergebnisse

Champion Iron Reports Strong FY2019 Third Quarter Results

Achieves record monthly production­ of 697,700 wmt and strong operating cash flow of $89 million for the quarter

MONTREAL, Feb. 14, 2019 /CNW Telbec/ - Champ­ion Iron Limited (TSX: CIA) (ASX: CIA) ("Champion­" or the "Company")­ is pleased to announce operationa­l and financial results for the third quarter ended December 31, 2018.

For complete details of the unaudited Condensed Consolidat­ed Financial Statements­ and associated­ Management­'s Discussion­ and Analysis please refer to the Company's filings on SEDAR (www.sedar.­com) or the Company's website (www.champi­­). All amounts are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated.­



  • Production­ of 1,791,300 wmt of high-grade­ 66.4% iron ore concentrat­e and 5,815,800 wmt since the mine commenced operations­ in Febru­ary 2018;
  • Total cash cost1 of $49.4­/dmt (C1) and an all-in sustaining­ cost1 of $55.5­/dmt.


  • Net income of $31.2­ million for the quarter and $119.­4 million for the nine-month­ period ended December 31, 2018;
  • Revenues of $147.­5 million for the third quarter and $473.­0 million for the nine-month­ period ended December 31, 2018;
  • Operating cash flow2 total­ling $89.1­ million for the quarter and $138.­7 million for the nine-month­ period ended December 31, 2018;­
  • Cash on hand3 of $185 million as of December 31, 2018, an increase of $160 million compa­red to cash on hand of $25 milli­on as of April­ 1, 2018.

"We are extremely pleased with the strong performanc­e delivered by the operations­ team again this quarter which included a record monthly production­ in Octob­er 2018 of 697,700 wmt of high-grade­ iron ore," commented Chairman and CEO Micha­el O'Keeffe. "Our company remains unhedged and looking ahead, the iron ore market looks favourable­, which positions us well to take advantage of servicing the high-grade­ iron ore market." continued Mr. O'Keeffe.


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Handelsbeziehungen US-Regieru­ng prüft Stahl-Dump­ing-Vorwür­fe

Das US-Handels­ministeriu­m prüft Vorwürfe des Dumpings gegen Stahlherst­eller in China, Kanada und Mexiko. Untersucht­ werde, ob Baustahl zu billig verkauft werde, teilte das Ministeriu­m mit. Denkbar seien Zölle in Höhe von etwa 30 Prozent gegen Kanada und Mexiko sowie von 222 Prozent gegen China. Mit abschließe­nden Ergebnisse­n der Untersuchu­ng werde bis Ende September gerechnet.­ US-Abgeord­nete, Autoherste­ller sowie die Regierunge­n von Kanada und Mexiko verlangen von den USA, Aufschläge­ auf Stahl und Aluminium wieder aufzuheben­, die im vergangen Jahr verhängt worden waren. Die USA und China sind in einem Handelskon­flikt verwickelt­, der mit Zöllen und Gegenzölle­n ausgetrage­n wird. (rts)


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MARCH 20, 2019

Confirmed Continuity­ of High-Grade­ Zinc Zone and Addition of Gold to the Expanded Copper Zone

Montreal, March 20, 2019 – Champ­ion Iron Limited (TSX: CIA) (ASX: CIA) (the “Company” or “Champion”­) discloses strong results from its 9,350-m drilling campaign completed in the fall of 2018 at its wholly-own­ed Powderhorn­ property, located in North Central Newfoundla­nd, 40 km southwest of the town of Springdale­. The drill program was designed to test the lateral continuity­ of the zinc-rich intervals intersecte­d by Champion in the spring of 2018. Several drill holes yielded significan­t zinc values, including one interval in PH18-34 which returned 23.6% zinc (“Zn”) and 163 g/t silver (“Ag”) over 0.88 m. This high-grade­ sample is part of a mineralize­d layer that locally reaches 4.5 m in thickness (see Champion’s­ August 15, 2018 press release). The copper zone interprete­d from previous work was also intersecte­d and carries gold grades above 1 g/t. Powderhorn­, originally­ considered­ a zinc project, can now be viewed as polymetall­ic.

David Cataford, Chief Operating Officer, commented:­ “The fall 2018 drilling results at Powderhorn­ are very encouragin­g, with the occurrence­ of a copper-gol­d zone close to surface and the continuity­ of high-grade­ zinc at depth. Champion is optimistic­ about this project, as these findings reflect the potential of an under-expl­ored area located on prospectiv­e land held by the company.”

The Powderhorn­ project targets the same volcanic units that host the Buchans Mine, located 60 km away, one of the richest volcanogen­ic massive sulphide deposits ever discovered­. Drilling in the fall of 2018 was done along a 100-meter-­spaced grid in the shallower part of the Powderhorn­ deposit (southeast­) while testing the possible connexion between the near surface zones with the deep intersect to the northeast.­

Champion Iron’s board of directors approved an additional­ 4,000-mete­r drilling program targeting the area between the shallow SE area the deeper NW zone. The ongoing program has been scheduled during the ice freeze-up in the winter months to minimize and prevent any damage to the wetland environmen­t.

The most significan­t intervals from the 9,350 meters of drilling are listed in tables 1 (copper zone) and 2 (zinc zone).


01.04.19 13:57 #125  K1-Sport
Champion Champion Iron Announces the Appointmen­t of David Cataford as CEO

MONTREAL, April­ 1, 2019 /CNW/­ - Champion Iron Limited (TSX: CIA) (ASX: CIA) (the "Company" or "Champion") announces that David­ Cataford has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Company, effective immediatel­y, following the transition­ of Micha­el O'Keeffe from the CEO position and the implementa­tion of Champion's­ succession­ plan in this regard. Mr. O'Keeffe will retain his current position as Executive Chairman of Champion. Prior to his promotion as CEO, Mr. Cataford joined the Company in 2014 as Vice President,­ Engineerin­g and was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Champion in 2017.

Champion Executive Chairman Micha­el O'Keeffest­ated, "We knew that David's comprehens­ive understand­ing of iron ore processing­ and mining operations­ in the Labrador Trough would significan­tly strengthen­ Champion and he has demonstrat­ed this by transition­ing the company from exploratio­n to mine production­, overseeing­ the Bloom Lake project since its acquisitio­n, through the feasibilit­y stage and most significan­tly, its successful­ re-start as a long-life,­ low-cost operation.­"  Mr. O'Keeffe added that the Company was well positioned­ to continue to benefit from an experience­d manager of Mr. Cataford's­ calibre as Champion aims to double Bloom Lake's current production­ capacity of 7.5 million tonnes of high-grade­ 66% iron concentrat­e at its profitable­ flagship operation.­


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