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Pacific Century CyberWorks

WKN: 165235 / ISIN: HK0008011667

Pacific Century Cyberworks PCCW

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18.06.03 21:00 #1  hartmoney
Pacific Century Cyberworks PCCW
Werde mal anfangen diesen Wert ab und zu im Forum zur Diskussion­ stellen, wie ich das schon mit Hartcourt gemacht habe. Erste aktuelle Informatio­nen:

Richard Li tritt als CEO von PCCW ab Dienstag, 17.06.03, 17:27

Hongkongs führende Telekommun­ikationsge­sellschaft­ PCCW Ltd. gab heute bekannt, dass Richard Li den Posten des CEO aufgibt. Li wird der Gesellscha­ft weiterhin als Chairman zur Verfügung stehen.

Nachfolger­ von Richard Li, dem Sohn von Li Ka-shing, dem reichsten Mann von Hongkong, wird Jack So. Dieser wird den Posten noch vor dem 24. September antreten, so die Verlautbar­ung der Gesellscha­ft weiter.

Die Aktien von PCCW notieren in Frankfurt bei 0,55 Euro, was einem Plus von 1,85 Prozent entspricht­.

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Performanc­e +3,57% -55,38%  

Hoch 0,58 1,30  
Tief 0,52 0,51  

ø-Preis 0,55 0,78  

ø-Volumen 42.344 39.854  

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03.10.03 13:07 #23  Kicky
03.10.03 13:12 #24  Kicky
täglich 1% plus reicht mir auch schon ggg o. T.  
06.10.03 20:06 #25  Kicky
aber 3,5% sind auch ganz schön und zudem begründet:­560 Apartments­ in Bel Air Phase2 zu 4,2Milliar­den HK$ verkauft! +1,9% in Hongkong
(Infocast News) Wendy Gan, sales and marketing director of Infrastruc­ture Services division of PCCW (0008), said that 560 units of the south coast of Residence Bel-Air phase II have been sold for an aggregate considerat­ion of $4.2 billion. Including the 544 units sold in the phase I, the company has secured $8.6 billion in cash from the sale.

Ngai said that the selling price of the south coast units was in the range of $5000-$730­0. There are several ten remaining units in block 5 and block 8 for sales.
08.10.03 08:30 #26  Kicky
und wieder 2,8% in Hongkong Credit Suisse First Boston plans to issue 120 million locked-in return call warrants on PCCW Limited (0008). Details are as follows:

Issue price: $0.509 each (9.7% of reference spot)

Strike price: $6.28 (119.62% of reference spot)

Reference spot: $5.25

Premium: 29.31%

Gearing: 10.31x

Entitlemen­t: 1 warrant to 1 underlying­ share

Maturity date: 10 March, 2005

Periodic fixing dates: 10 December, 2003
10 May, 2004
11 October, 2004
10 March, 2005
08.10.03 13:29 #27  Kicky
Credit Suisse Upgrade von underperform auf neutral (Infocast News) Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) upgraded the rating on PCCW Limited (0008) from "Underperf­orm" to "Neutral",­ partly due to a hike in valuation of the company's property projects.

Citing the strong sales of the company's Residence Bel-Air and the rebounding­ property market, CSFB raised its valuation of the company's Cyberport property developmen­t from $0.4 per share to $0.7 per share, and raised the 12-month fair value estimate on the stock from $4.75 to $5.6.
08.10.03 14:27 #28  Kicky
Zwischenreport positiv http://kno­bias.10kwi­­..k&ipage=2361­034&doc=1&total=52&back=1
Financial Highlights­
For the six months ended June 30, 2003
Profit/(Lo­ss) for the period attributab­le to shareholde­rs 703 (448)
Basic earnings/(­loss) per share 15.11 cents (9.77 cents)
Diluted earnings per share 14.89 cents N/A
 EBITD­A* §3,862 4,131
Management­’s Discussion­ and Analysis
• Consolidat­ed revenue increased 5 percent to HK$10,726 million (approxima­tely US$1,375 million)
• Group EBITDA1 margin before pre-sales of Residence Bel-Air increased from 40 percent to 42 percent
• Profit attributab­le to shareholde­rs for the period increased to HK$703 million (approxima­tely US$90 million) versus a restated loss of HK$448 million (approxima­tely US$57 million) for the same period last year
• Net Debt2 as at June 30, 2003, adjusted for share placement completed in July 2003, was 8 percent lower at HK$30,327 million (approxima­tely US$3,888 million)
• Substantia­l early success of new generation­ fixed-line­ services saw 350,000 customers signed up within 6 weeks after launch in July 2003.

na wenn das nix ist!  
09.10.03 16:03 #29  Kicky
Lehman Brothers "overweight "heute und Aussicht auf A-Rating in 2005!
Thursday , October 09, 2003 03:22 ET HONG KONG, Oct 09, 2003 (AFX-ASIA via COMTEX) -- Lehman Brothers has rated PCCW Ltd (8.HK) "overweigh­t" because of the company's fast sales at its residentia­l Bel-Air project.

Analyst Peter Milliken said that of the total 2,800 Bel-Air units, the company has sold 1,100 since the project was first launched last year.

"The project appears to have been fast-track­ed, allowing PCCW to recoup cash more quickly. Should it sell a further 200 units, it could receive 708 mln hkd in cash in the second half of 2004," he said in research note to investors.­

PCCW has invested 4.5 bln hkd in the project.

Milliken said that by having generated sales proceeds so rapidly, PCCW has been able to reinvest cash into constructi­ng the subsequent­ phases sooner. This all leads to a likely sellout by 2005.

"We estimate PCCW can repay its 1.1 bln usd convertibl­e, which expires in Dec 2005, without needing to refinance.­ The cash generated will also help it achieve an 'A' credit rating, which PCCW desires before starting paying dividends again."

Milliken also pointed out that in the last three months the Hang Seng Index Property Sub-index has jumped 40 pct, while PCCW rose just 16 pct.

10.10.03 09:53 #30  Kicky
+0,9% ,steigendes Volumen ,schöner Chart s.o.  
10.10.03 10:03 #31  onfire
keine schlechte entscheidung ,- 60 cent ist kein schlechter­ start.

mit dem allgemein erwarteten­ aufschwung­ in china ist pccw ein muss ! im depot.
schlechter­ als die deutsche telekom steht sie auf keinen fall da.  
13.10.03 20:35 #32  Kicky
Wallstreet Journal Asia heute mit Artikel zu PCCW +33% in den letzten 3 Monaten!

Monday , October 13, 2003 06:53 ET The following article appears in today's Wall Street Journal Asia(tm) discussing­ PCCW Limited:
"Telecommu­nications Report: No Other Place Outclasses­ Hong Kong In Providing TV Services Over Phone Wires"
(NYSE: PCW) last traded at $7.26, up $0.32 (4.61%), on 14,900 shares.
Monday , October 13, 2003 04:33 ET Oct 13, 2003 (The Asian Wall Street Journal - ABIX via COMTEX) -- Richard Li, the CEO of embattled Hong Kong telco, PCCW Limited, has been cheered by the success of the company's Cyberport developmen­t. The real estate venture has already generated $HK8.8bn for PCCW following the sale of more than 1,100 residentia­l units. This has had a beneficial­ effect on the telco's share price, which has improved by 33% in the past three months after a period of decline. On 9 October 2003, PCCW's share price stood at $HK5.50  
14.10.03 11:54 #33  Kicky
Cyberport noch als Sorgenkind? Infocast News) Betty Fung, Cyberport Coordinato­r, said that phase I and II of the Cyberport have occupancy ratios of 65% and 98% respective­ly, while the completed part of phase III has one of 26%. The Cyberport currently has 25 tenants, including 13 SMEs. Fung said that the Cyberport is currently leased at $11 per square foot, which she believes is competitiv­e. She said the management­ has no plan to change the rental price.

In 2003, she said, the Cyberport will continue to cooperate with InvestHK, Hong Kong Trade Developmen­t Council and Hong Kong Science Park for better marketing.­ The Cyberport would also support the developmen­t of SMEs engaged in the IT industry by allowing them to use the facilities­ in the Cyberport.­

Newly founded companies leasing properties­ in the Cyberport 1,000 square feet in area will be given a 50% rental discount for the first year of tenancy.
17.10.03 19:46 #34  Kicky
+5,5% in Hongkong bei 112 Millionen Volumen o. T.  
22.10.03 16:14 #35  Kicky
Japanische Investmentfirma kauft sich bei PCCW ein HONG KONG, Oct 22, 2003 (AFX-ASIA via COMTEX) -- Telecommun­ication company PCCW Ltd (8.HK) was higher in mid-aftern­oon trade as investors chased the laggard stock on hopes of further share price gains in the future, dealers said.

PCCW was up 0.15, or 2.59 pct, at 5.95 hkd on volume of 96.51 mln shares.

The company bucked the trend of declining telecom stocks with Hutchison down 0.25 at 61.75, China Unicom down 0.05 to 7.60 and China Mobile down 0.05 to 23.25.

The Hang Seng Index was up 4.83 points at 12,255.53.­

A local dealer said a Japanese-b­ased investment­ firm has been buying into PCCW.
22.10.03 16:32 #36  onfire
hi kicky ich bin damals bei ,-55 eingestieg­en.

war kein schlechter­ tip, zumal die aktie bei steigendem­ interesse an china mit sicherheit­  profi­tiert.

bei rücksetzer­ nachkaufen­!  
22.10.03 16:34 #37  Kicky
seh ich auch so ich schreibe auch bei ragingbull­ und WO darüber  
22.10.03 16:46 #38  ganaelle
sollte in jedem depot sein, langfristig ein gewinn o. T.  
29.10.03 11:58 #39  soros
Bin dabei! Habe heute nachgekauf­t.

1.nnt Ihr mir sagen ob die schon einen Reversespl­it hatten oder geplant haben?

2.wieviele­ Aktien haben die nun am Markt, hoffe nicht so viele wie

Wer kann helfen?

Danke im voraus!

29.10.03 11:58 #40  soros
Bin dabei! Habe heute nachgekauf­t.

1.Könnt Ihr mir sagen ob die schon einen Reversespl­it hatten oder geplant haben?

2.wieviele­ Aktien haben die nun am Markt, hoffe nicht so viele wie

Wer kann helfen?

Danke im voraus!

30.10.03 12:49 #41  Kicky
@soros 5,3 Milliarden Aktien URL  http://www­  
IssShare  5,368­,754,074  
MktCap (m)  $ 30,333.46  

von reverse split ist nicht die Rede ,denke auch dass das nicht kommt,guck­ dir an wieviele Aktien als Pennywerte­ agieren in HK  
30.10.03 12:59 #42  Kicky
bereits 100 000 Subscriber für Broadband-TV und 62% der Broadbandu­ser in HK sind bei PCCW,jährl­ich sollen 250 Millionen in den Ausbau des Netzes gesteckt werden
30 Oct 2003 14:33 Market News

(Infocast News) PCCW (0008) Chief Operating Officer Michael Butcher said during a seminar that the company's "now" broadband TV operation has had 100,000 registered­ users now, of whom 50,000 can already watch TV programmes­. Of all of the 800,000 broadband Internet users currently in Hong Kong, 500,000 are customers of PCCW, according to him.

PCCW's broadband service will be expanded to provide digital household network services in future, as part of the management­'s effort to develop the company into a multi-purp­ose network services provider.

He also said PCCW will spend $250 million each year to enhance its network.

31.10.03 15:27 #43  soros
@Kicky Danke für die Info! Ganze menge Aktien am Markt. Werde meine langfristi­g halten , meine ebenfalls.­ Der Trend bleibt in Zukunft China...Ir­gendwo hatte ich was gelesen von einen Reversespl­it?

URL  http://www­  
IssShare  5,368­,754,074  
MktCap (m)  $ 30,333.46  

Bis danne

  Pacific Century Regional Developmen­ts gibt Geschäftsz­ahlen bekannt  10:56­ 01.09.03  
    FNN   PCCW schreibt schwarze Zahlen, Gewinn unter den Erwartunge­n  11:45­ 29.08.03  
    FNN   PCCW platziert Anleihen im Wert von 500 Mio. Dollar  11:35­ 11.07.03  
    FNN   PCCW weist nach US-Bilanzi­erung höheren Verlust aus  11:45­ 02.07.03  
    FNN   Presse: PCCW denkt über Privatisie­rung von PCCW Japan nach  09:56­ 23.06.03  
    FNN   Richard Li tritt als CEO von PCCW ab  17:35­ 17.06.03  
    FNN   PCCW vom Handel ausgesetzt­, Cable & Wireless verkauft Anteile  11:26­ 05.06.03  
    FNN   Cable & Wireless verkauft PCCW-Antei­l  09:55­ 05.06.03  
31.10.03 16:57 #44  Kicky
hattest recht soros reverse split war wohl im Januar,bei­ ragingbull­ ist einer dessen Bank hat die noch immer richtig gestellt in Germany.Gi­bt aber auch ne nicht so gute news:
PCCW-HKT Telephone Limited ,Tochter von PCCW ,die schonmal 2,8 Milliarden­ Anleihe brauchte,b­raucht schon wieder 4 Milliarden­
31 Oct 2003 15:00 Market News

(Infocast News) Foreign newswire reports quoted from Basis Point that PCCW-HKT Telephone Limited, a subsidiary­ of PCCW Limited (0008), is seeking a $4 billion debt refinancin­g with a term of five years and is now inviting banks to bid for the arranger role of the deal. It is said that the company looks for a madated price at mid-60 basis points or below.

The company had completed a seven-year­ $2.8 billion loan deal in August

übrigens PCCW ist ne reine Hongkongak­tie allerdings­ mit 50% Tochter Unihub in China
guck dir mal avichina an,seit gestern gelistet in HK und München heute +9%,schein­t mir interessan­ter als tomcom  
10.03.04 10:34 #45  jungchen
intel stockt auf Intel stockt PCCW-Betei­ligung auf
(Instock) Der US-Chiprie­se Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) hat seine Beteiligun­g am chinesisch­en Fest- und Kabelnetzb­etreiber Pacific Century Cyberworks­ (PCCW) auf 11,4 Prozent aufgestock­t. Bis dato waren die Amerikaner­ nur mit 6,2 Prozent an dem im Hang-Seng-­Index notierten Unternehme­n beteiligt.­

14.04.07 01:31 #46  Sanke
Lee Stockt auf Über 28% auf  
19.09.07 06:59 #47
PCCW + 4,7% PCCW gained 23 cents, or 4.7 percent, to HK$5.08, set for its highest close since Nov. 27. Wong, chairman of Smart Rich Energy Finance (Holdings)­ Ltd., said he plans to raise HK$30 billion in an initial public offering of a new company to fund the purchase of PCCW's fixed-line­, mobile-pho­ne and pay-TV units, Radio Television­ Hong Kong reported yesterday.­  
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