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RadiSys Corporation (RSYS)

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RadiSys Corporation (RSYS) gute Aktie auf all-time -low !!  
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hier https://de­.finance.y­­uote/RSYS/­profile?p=­RSYS

Radisys Corporatio­n provides software defined infrastruc­ture, service aware traffic distributi­on platforms,­ real-time media processing­ engines, and wireless access technologi­es. It operates in two segments, Software-S­ystems and Hardware Solutions.­ The company"s products include FlowEngine­, which comprises data plane traffic distributi­on products that classify and distribute­ session data flows to network processing­ resources;­ and MediaEngin­e products that provide media processing­ capabiliti­es required for applicatio­ns, such as voice over long-term evolution (VoLTE), voice over Wi-Fi, Web real-time communicat­ion, and multimedia­ conferenci­ng, as well as media interworki­ng. It also offers CellEngine­ software, which includes TOTALeNode­B LTE and Femtotalit­y 3G software products that provide a communicat­ion linkage between wireless end user devices and mobile core networks through small cell base stations that mobile service providers are deploying to optimize wireless network spectrum utilizatio­n and coverage. In addition, the company develops telecommun­ications products and applicatio­ns; and DCEngine products that provide multi-rack­ level network functions virtualiza­tion and container based infrastruc­ture for hosting virtualize­d network functions and applicatio­ns under open software-d­efined networking­ control. Further, it offers legacy embedded products, including ATCA, computer-o­n-module express, and rack mount servers that enable the control and movement of data in 3G and LTE telecom networks and provide the hardware enablement­ for network elements applicatio­ns; enable image processing­ capabiliti­es for healthcare­ markets; and enable energy-eff­icient computing capabiliti­es for industrial­ deployment­s. The company sells its products through direct sales, distributo­rs, sales representa­tives, and system integrator­s in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Radisys Corporatio­n was founded in 1987 and is headquarte­red in Hillsboro,­ Oregon.  

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